Camila Cabello - Romance

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This album definitely is a mood. That’s maybe why I won’t play it as much as her debut. She’s such a hopeless romanticus. Which is really cute. Love only made me cynical so yeah.. Hard to relate! Oh well!!
This album is not what I thought it would sound like. Based on the title and general era aesthetic, I was expecting something a lot fluffier and lighter.
I gave it a spin and I like the majority of it actually, its a good pop album. I get the criticism about My Oh My but I weirdly like it? I think it might have been better without the rap verse though.
I am on my first listen, so these are my first impressions:

Should've Said It is a cute bop. I was not sold on it at first but by the second verse I was bopping.

My Oh My is okay. My favourite part is Camila's pre-chorus, and I don't really like DaBaby's verse.

Bad Kind Of Butterflies is a good idea of a song? I kinda like it but the instrumental is throwing me off a little. I like the chorus.

In Feel It Twice, there's something weird about how she sings the chorus, isn't it?

I was bored of Dream Of You by the time the chorus started. I don't think the song goes anywhere? I like her ad-libs at the end.

This Love and Used to This are fantastic, and First Man fucked me up. What a beautiful song, and I don't think she has ever sounded better

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I've taken 'My oh My' from the new bunch of songs. The rest are 'ok'. The album sounds cohesive i'll give her that, but it lacks any PUNCHES.
Living Proof and Easy are still the best things on here, but the album surprisingly gets better as it goes. This Love, and especially Used to This and First Man are all quite good.
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