Camila Cabello - Romance

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Official upload. Stream, girls!

Absolutely amazing performance! As said before she really is a hard working performer who leaves it all out on stage! I love that she’s so creative when it comes to her performances and switches it up every damn time! She always makes sure to elevate her songs on every possible level when doing them live. I was not a fan of Living Proof at first, but after the two promo performances I am stanning hard for it!
Is it just me on here who finds Camila overwhelmingly unlikeable?

She does have a few bops but apart from that I see nothing that exciting.

I don't think she's unlikeable. I've seen her live and she's very charming & charismatic. I think it's her live performances that really elevate her and is exciting & shows a special artist is present. Unfortunately much of her material really doesn't live up to the strong performances she gives which does her a disservice.

If her next album could produce high quality material that matches her high quality performances, man, she'd be unstoppable.
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This album is perfectly fine. Living Proof is the best thing here. I don't see myself coming back to the rest of it.

Adding My Oh My was definitely a wise decision. My biggest criticism is that there needs to be a few more fun songs to break things up a bit.
My Oh My suits her fantastically.

We love fun, dark and sexy Camilla. This is the kind of direction she should be taking. Enjoying her pop. DaBaby’s verse is fire too.

The concept of the album is nice enough but it was a little too slow by the end of it all. Amp it up Camilla there’s a lane right there ripe for the taking.
Should’ve Said It is giving me Camila at a block party jam with Carlos Santana. I also get shades of All Saints at their peak from Liar.

Can you turn mulled wine into sangria?
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She is the definition of pop music's sound in 2018-2019. She took what was popular and made some amazing songs with it, obviously with the help of her brother's fantastic production.
I would’ve said Ariana more defines the pop/r&b sound of 2018/19? And maybe Lizzo also.

Nothing against Billie I just don’t get pop vibes from her. But that’s just me.

Anyway, I’ve listened to Romance once and it seems pretty solid, but I need more time with it to really pick out my favourites and form a proper opinion.
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