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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Difficult to tell but there were 4 Christmas albums in the top 20 last week.
  2. The album is actually pretty great.
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  3. I think she'd still struggle to go top 10.
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  4. The simple fact is that the music just isn't connecting. There's... not much more to it than that. She's released several singles and videos, performed on multiple awards shows and talk shows, set up a fake high-profile romance, got the right playlisting on Spotify, and people just aren't streaming or buying the music. Living Proof has been performed on Fallon, Ellen, and the AMAs, and it isn't even in the Spotify top 200. 70-80k is far from a disaster, but it's a steep enough drop from her debut (119K) and it's clear that the album isn't really going to have any legs given that none of the music is taking off. I appreciate the effort she's put into the performances so far this era, but the music itself is all beyond boring.
  5. I'm not certain, but I don't think that new rule comes in until January, so they should still count.

    I don't think the numbers are that bad though, they're about what I would have expected with none of the solo singles particularly taking off.
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  6. Rob


    People are really doing the most over Camila, like those US album sales aren't bad at all? I'm far more perched to see Liam Payne's performance.
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  7. If one of the solo tracks had taken off things might have been different, but at this point a Q4 release was just way too ambitious for her. It's ironic that the one time when postponing would actually have been a good idea, they actually go ahead and release the album.
  8. I'm rooting for her but that's what you get for messy album rollout, full of simply bad, illogical and bizzare decisions. I don't know if it's label giving her too much control or label not knowing what to do (both a very possible variants) but they've already fucked up one and a half album campaigns.
  9. I still don't like this song, but the performance will probably be good

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  10. Billboard didn't change the rules about tour bundles. It is changing the rules about merch bundles that make it so the merch item is a certain figure higher in price than the album on its own starting January 3rd.
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  11. I was gonna say, tour bundles always seemed fair to count since ticket buyers were choosing to receive the album.
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  12. When will this end...

  13. On first listen, it’s not faceless at all, it just suffers from being extremely boring and slightly unoriginal. Her debut was solid, it had good production and a few instant bops. This isn’t awful, it just has no replay value and is nowhere near as good as the debut.
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  14. I hope it does NOW before it begins to hurt both their careers.

    Senorita became a huge smash and finally got Shawn that #1 and another one for Camila. Their PDA relationship/stunt worked and did its job.

    If they're in an actual relationship (and she's not a beard), great, good for them, keep it on the DL as it's just going to keep distracting people away from future releases and turn a lot of people off & they'll become so closely identified that they'll lose some of their own identities to the public in the process which would not be beneficial.
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  15. Stayed at #16 in today’s UK update. Liam fell 4 places in one day so maybe she’ll pop up to 15 by Friday lol.
  16. Plus they are doing signed albums on her UK store now to try and boost sales.
  17. I said as much when I posted 'Lookin' at Me' in here but, now the album's here, I honestly believe that if you took the stronger half of this ('Used to This', 'First Man', 'Living Proof', 'Dream of You', 'Should've Said It') and just threw a handful of bops from Singular Act II, where she sounds like she's cosplaying Camila for a lot of it anyway, you'd have a pretty strong sophomore and the basic bops from the latter could have bolstered this up nicely and probably sold the album well enough.
  18. A-fucking-men. Still a Camila fan but ever since this whole charade (or whatever this is supposed to be) started, I've become less of a fan. I'm just ignoring anything surrounding her that doesn't involve her music.
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  19. HDD update has her pacing for #3 on billboard next week.
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