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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I was ready to get into Camila in a big way after she hit us with Havana & Never Be The Same but then she kind of disappeared. She won me back with Find U Again but Senorita is not anything I’m going to be into. I’m on the fence at this point, her past hits seem like a long time ago, she needs to get some new stuff out before she’s left behind I think.
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  2. It's her vocals.
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  3. smashaaa

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  4. This song is trash. Why try recreating the magic of Havana when that was such a stars-aligning, fluke moment of whatever? Imagine if Rihanna had just started throwing out watered-down (lol) Umbrellas.
  5. Yeah I don't care for this, and I enjoyed most of her album far more than I expected. I was hoping for more than something that just sounds like a leftover that didn't make the cut last time.
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  6. But that didn't stop a lot of popstars like Janet, JLo, Britney and Madonna. Well, hopefully, they get things right this year.
  7. Their vocals aren't grating to listen to. Camila's are.
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  8. Whew I thought I was going crazy when everyone liked that post disagreeing with me
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  9. “We love her again!”

    (I know you never hated her I just found the one page swerve hilarious).
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  10. The only thing I like about this is that Charli will get coins from it. Other than that...
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  11. RJF


    It’s very... focus grouped. But then neither of them seem to have no real plan with what they’re doing at the moment.
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  12. It’s going to become a smash hit and that’s what Camila needs
  13. The “I do therapy and it’s twice a week” line in “Find U Again” always makes me want to scream when I hear it. Like yes, normalize discussions of mental health through pop music, sis. The new song with Shawn is mediocre but if it gives them a hit then congrats I guess.
  14. J.Lo’s vocals are definitely grating to listen to.
  15. How kind of her then to frequently mix in other singers' vocals as a relief.

    Considerate Queen.
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  16. This is so catchy yet so obnoxious. I'm afraid I'm gonna hear it everywhere.
  17. This is amazing. I am ready to hear it everywhere, all summer.
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  18. This song isn't bad or anything but does anyone else wish it was a solo Camila song? Shawn Mendes just doesn't do it for me.
  19. I’m happy this is smashing.
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