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Can we have a glossary page for all the millennial slang?!

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by distant_cousin, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Honestly. I am forever googling to try and work out what people are saying!

    No one I know talks like this. (Probably because I'm over 40 and don't watch Drag Race).
  2. Weird vex flex AF mama!
  3. According to the forum rules, we are supposed to talk in plain English, and construct full coherent sentences....

    Stay in the Comeback Corner (aka Coroner) and your soul will be saved.
  4. I hear ya!
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  5. kal


    Check out Urban Dictionary instead of Google. It’s spot on in most cases.
  6. This Gen Z erasure though
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  7. Oh.

  8. It’s not younger generations fault the way communication and slang - particularly online - has changed and is no longer preferable to you.

    Also what you’re failing to recognize is the fact that pushback against slang specific to subcultures and generations isn’t anything new. Undoubtably older generations had issues with the lingo popular in your youth and you probably found that pushback misplaced and cynical. But instead of letting this generation be, you’re perpetuating the pattern.

    When @Popjustice decided that “Nn” just couldn’t be left alone despite being literally harmless, he was actually damaging the culture of Popjustice in general given the fact that it was something that was more or less created by the community here (while being on the same wavelength as general keyboard smashes, but it’s specific incarnation was particular to the forum).
  9. Woah.

    I was simply saying what the PJ forum rules say we are meant to do. And it was posted slightly tongue in cheek (as was the other comment, but nevermind). If the forum allowed emoticons, it would have been clearer. Paradoxes huh.
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    A lot of this concern about conversation needing to be "in plain English" is quite interesting considering who it's coming from and who actually has access to "plain English" (aka the PRIVILEGE to have so).
  11. Also, not to be rude to anyone, but if really can't figure out what something means, Google it? You're already on the internet.
    I always found it...interesting that Peter used the phrase "I cannot use real words properly" as an auto-substitute for nn. How specific.
  12. There's also the question "why should we have to?" be googling all the time to learn what at it's worst is a new dialect?
    Won't good old plain English do?
  13. Which “millenial slang” words are so difficult to understand? Surely context should give you the meaning 90% of the time with adequate reading comprehension?

  14. Natalie Portman slayed in this.

  15. What I take from this is "this is our domain - you need to assimilate"
  16. Welcome to the Internet.
  17. So... you want others to... conform to your preferences?
  18. Sorry, but i for one shan't be taking advice on the rules from people who think the word "inkies" is "plain English", or so are suddenly illiterate when it comes to the rule about abbreviations.

    It's always interesting when people only want to ban the things they don't use themselves...
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  19. Nobody gave advice. Nobody wanted to ban anything. But by all means continue missing the point.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    You're doing a lot.
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