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Can we have a glossary page for all the millennial slang?!

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by distant_cousin, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. how do you do my fellow cunties?
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  2. As a non-millennial Robyn and Lady Gaga fan who discovered KPop while trying to learn Korean, then learning all the KPop terminology, then learning all the hilarious slang here (I laugh so hard at times here), I can honestly say my teen nephews and niece literally and openly cringe when I use any of it.

    And I love that.

    Just fuckin' love it.
  3. I LOVE millennial slang.

  4. I read that to the tune of Some Girls by Rachel Stevens.
  5. Just saw this, thought it could be useful x

  6. ddddd not Shuga Cain
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  7. I knew what I was doing
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  8. Language is always being bastardised evolving... or devolving, depending on how you see it.

    (yes, I moonlight making these videos ddd)
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  9. I have to admit I had no idea there was such a thing as "millennial slang", but then I'm right on the border of millennial and generation x and perhaps lean more towards the latter.

    When I first joined here I thought this whole "ddd" thing was either a repeated spelling mistake or a smiley/emoticon thing not showing correctly. Then I thought it was just a *this forum* thing. At least I'm still learning.
  10. This aged poorly.
  11. @Andy French can we collab on a track with these lyrics, I'll send you a voice message and you'll do your magic?
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  12. Trying to decipher the slang these days like

  13. Scream! This thread, I can't.
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