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Canada's Drag Race (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 14, 2020.

  1. Kiki wanna ki ki dd, Not Sorry Aboot It is still that bop and that car crash performance zooming in on all the out of syncers cleanses my pores.
  2. LOL Pythia is greek? First greek queen ever on Drag Race!
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  3. Anyone know if season 2 will be available in the UK on BBCiPlayer? Can’t find the details anywhere or I’m just not looking hard enough!
  4. Pretty sure I read it was going to be a Wow Presents + exclusive in the UK.

    But I think that was true for Season 1 and / or Down Under. So it might change last minute.

    I'd prefer it was iPlayer as I prefer how that works compared to Wow.
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  5. Not a bad first ep. Suki left the biggest and best first impression. I do like the Judging Line Up Change.
  6. Definitely a major step up from the first season. And getting a Nelly Furtado lip sync too!
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  7. Hmm. Feeling lukewarm about this premiere... no one is instantly sticking out to me like Jimbo or Tynomi did.

    Top 2 was correct for once dd.

    Kinda sad the one girl I know flopped in the first episode but I knew she'd out-lipsync whoever she was against. Cackling at all the Vancouver girls being over Eve 6000 already; if this was an early season I fear we'd see a Rolaskatox/Jinkx rivalry brewing.

    Beth is cute but gives me huge Jaymes Mansfield teas. I hope we see her come back some day.
  8. The girls except Eve are all really fun; I adore Oceane, Suki is fabulous, and Icesis slaughtered the challenge - thrilled to see it.

    I'm nervous about the Bratpack trio becoming a grating mess because I really want to like Gia.
    Also, Kendall is giving me a more polished version of Shuga, and I don't know how I feel about it.
  9. What a great mirror message.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is back? Sorry if I've missed it but no BBC iPlayer this season??
  11. So and so.
  12. This cast has heaps of potential and I am here for the Brat Pack v Quebecoise throwdown.

    Suki is clearly the one, but thought Stephanie made a sensational first impression too.
  13. The season starting off with a clique of obnoxious tall twinks feels ominous.

  14. I fully expect Synthia to be the only one to make it far out of the Brat Pack even though I much prefer Gia and Kendall.
  15. Thoughts after Episode 1:

    - It seems out of place in 2021 to push the Brat Pack storyline, though they probably didn't have much they could do after their intros, but a season of tall twinks possibly dominating in a cast full of racial and body diversity would be... hmm.

    - Gia Metric was...... rough. She looked like Season 6 Laganja during critiques. It was all just wrong with misguided confidence.

    - Stephanie, Suki, and Icesis are serving personality and I hope they're our narrators for the season.

    - I couldn't get over who Icesis looks like and thought it could be Cheryl Hole but then I realized she does her makeup exactly like this beauty content creator named TymeTheInfamous ddd.

    - I wonder if the negative experience the Season 1 queens had on the show impacted the amount and types of people who applied for Season 2.
  16. There's something kind of Henvy in the way that Suki feels herself, and we have no choice but to stan.

  17. Broke Byn Shytes runway look was a shoot. I lost

  18. So is Brooke the main host now?
    Felt that way in episode 1 and I wasn’t mad at it. Season 1 suffered from not having an anchor.

    Suki left the biggest impression on me, a strong sense of fashion and personality for days.
  19. Brook Lynn’s anti charisma is so boring I can’t even ironically stan. Boot!
  20. I stan Brook Lynn boy haircut.
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