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Canada's Drag Race (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 14, 2020.

  1. This was so much fun! What a great cast, U.K. season three can’t relate.

    Crown Stephanie Prince immediately for her Jollibee’s entrance look and main runway.

    It feels like Brook Lynn has improved so much in terms of her presentation and judging style, she feels so much lighter and more fun. She looked stunning too!
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  2. That 6000 girl irrationally irritated me for the whole episode. Can't wait for her to be dragged through the season on her so called personality.

    Also how that napkin dress was safe over who ended up going is beyond me.
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  3. Not another fucking knee injury. I’m tired of these knees.
  4. This was one of the best design challenges…ever? Loads of potential winners and no one really fucked it up. Love the cast already - by the end of the episode I didn’t want anyone to go home yet but was glad they still managed to give Beth a somewhat satisfying arc and generally positive portrayal. I think she committed the cardinal sin of letting the producers smell her fear ddd so it was inevitable.

    The new judges need a bit of time to find their feet but are already a better fit than Brook Lyn Shytes ddd. She’s just not fun to watch? Luckily, the dolls are more than making up for her lack of charisma etc.

    Early favourites? Suki Doll of course but I’m also looking forward to Eve 6000 terrorising everyone ddd
  5. I kind of like Brooke Lynn?

    Her critiques are always detailed in a way that shows her knowledge and passion for drag artistry and you can always see her well up when she has to send a girl home because deep down inside she knows what a gut punch it is to have your dreams get crushed like that.

    I was aghast how unimaginative Gia looked on the runway. What a crushing bore.
    Was sad to see Beth go but she had a great showing.

    Stephanie totally redeemed the "Glueing stuff onto a corset" idea after the bad rep it got through Lala Ri's bag look. Stunning from head to toe.
    Icesis serving Jersey Shore in her confessional looks is kind of hot. Dig the five o'clock she sports. And her level of polish in her designs, immaculate.
    Suki is my winner right now with Pythia a close second. I love how annoying Eve 6000 is.

    What a great cast overall.
  6. I already hate Gia Metric. But I will be stanning Stephanie Prince.
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  7. Is this on iPlayer?
  8. This was a great TV! Eve’s cry for the cameras and Suki (not) going to choose her material for the garnment made me howling.
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  9. The whole setup is a vast Improvement on the cluster fuck that was season 1 production.

    Brooke was actually great too.

    Do we know if we're getting a fefe lipsync? I'm praying for Stuttering, although it'll be that shit Olympics song she did.

    Queen's don't seem to be season 1 calibre but that cast was great.
  10. Suki Doll is a fucking star. Such a fucking star.
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  11. One of the best first episodes ever! Such CUNT.
  12. NOT Stupid Shit by Girlicious as a lip sync skkskskssjksjejdhdbdb

    Canada rights!
  13. I thought the episode was... great? This cast and dynamic has the potential to make for an excellent season. Something about it is giving me low-key early US season vibes (Rolaskatox, Heathers v Boogers, etc). The winning look this week was something else!
  14. Hennywise's performance was iconic. It's one for the books. I watched it twice.

    Not this episode and cast growing to be more enjoyable than the current UK one.
  15. This is definitely outperforming UK S3. The runway looks were just amazing in comparison.
  16. Yas Greek excellence!
  17. Icesis and Oceane... That was a lose-lose situation however you spun it.
  18. Canada stays having amazing lipsync songs showing Canadian pop excellence. The sis on the production team is keeping us fed.

    EDIT: I just realised Girlicious aren’t even Canadian! Sksdddks Iconic taste!
  19. Okay bow have Liar Liar and Maniac next.
  20. This is giving me everything I want from Drag Race. 2/2 and 10/10 so far. If the girls can make an acting challenge funny next week then it’s over for the other franchises.
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