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Canada's Drag Race (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 14, 2020.

  1. As much as I am obsessed with Icesis, I saw a comment somewhere that made it pretty clear why she won't win. She's from Ontario. Last year, an Ontario queen won which makes it almost 100% likely that they are going to crown a Quebec queen this year. The fact that Pythia has the biggest Instagram following and is getting a lot more love from all the basic white gays because she "SeRvEs LoOks" and is "sO qUiRkY" might have already cemented her win.

    The only reason I still believe Icesis might win is because Pythia has hardly gotten any storylines this season aside from her constant talking about Greece. She also just doesn't give off any winner vibes at all and was really bad in the lip syncs while Icesis served as usual. It'd be weird if she won tbh and a really anti-climactic ending to a season that was essentially the Icesis Couture Show.
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  2. Uhm...

    Gia won (not by much, but won) both of those lipsyncs. But okay.

    So happy for Suki! She's so fascinating to me!
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  3. Icesis ate the epside. WHY Kendall is Top 3 and not Gia... okay. Pythia definitely worked for her spot - as don't think lip-syncing comes very naturally to her - so props to her.
  4. You know how Tayce was undermined, mistreated and under-utilised on her season... I feel like Kendall is getting the same but in reverse dd. I do love her so I don't mind tbh.
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  5. I'm torn because Pythia deserves top 3 more than Gia based on the season BUT she lost that lipsync so hard.
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  6. Yeah Gia ate both of those lipsyncs. If they were going to cut it down to a top three, for no real reason, they should have just done what they did in UK2 and told Gia she wasn’t ready like they did Ellie. Clearly they were not going to have a top three that didn’t consist of Pythia and Icesis, so Gia only got the boot by chance.
  7. But then how would they have justified keeping Kendall ddd
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  8. They wanted us to think Pythia was winning the lip-syncs so bad, it was obvious with the amount of time they spent focusing on her. I found her looks to be generally good this season (the double-headed one was a shoot) but I'm just never really that impressed with her performance.
  9. Pythia's first lipsync was baaad bad bad, and really exposed the gulf in all-around c.u.n.t. between the presumed top two, but I think her win for the second lipsync was fair enough.

    Also Kendall isn't a great finalist and I'd rather have seen Adriana / Suki / probably a few others there but it's hardly one of the franchise's most egregious cases of favouritism. Although watching this episode it was kind of striking how pretty much none of the 'brat pack' ended up doing anything that memorable this season...

    Synthia bringing back the Snatch Game voice gave me PTSD.
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  10. I kind of forgot until the reunion the brat pack was a thing.

    They spent time in the first episode on it then kinda just forgot about it.

    Anyway Icesis to win.
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  11. Why didn’t they mention Kimoras lip sync in the reunion nn
  12. Synthia an icon. I stan forever.

  13. The real lip sync assassin all along!
  14. She was o v e r being there and I loved it. The unbothered look in her eyes, her barely moving to clap for the other queens. She's easily one of my favorites from this season.
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  15. Icesis is one of my favorite queens ever? She’s just so effortlessly cool.
  16. Pythia is great and genuinely has brought a point of view and level of polish to the runway that we haven’t seen before (or at least pulled off as well when you look at their Centaur or two-headed look) but Icesis is serving the level of pre-determined CUNT we haven’t seen since Shea so I can’t picture anybody else winning at this point.
  17. At least we didn't get to the struggle-bus level of getting the same microwâvé clip 23280 times.
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  18. I love Icesis's mug, there's something very Bette Davis about it that's so arresting.
  19. What's Icesis' age? Brad emphasizing her being the most advanced in age queen there during the reunion caught me off-guard, as I always pegged her to be my age.

    I really liked this format change a LOT. I hope they continue using this reunion-battle royale double punch in the future. The stakes were high and it was refreshing to see so much genuine emotion.
  20. She's 34 at least according to my quick web search. So she's older than I am but younger than my boyfriend but not by much.

    I thought from the way they described it she was actually in her mid to late 40's.

    She's not even the oldest person on the season. And the second oldest finalist is 30. So it's not a big difference.
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