Canada's Drag Race (S4)

Meh, I understand why Synthia went home. In terms of looks, 2/3 of Kimora’s were god awful but there was no way they were putting her near the bottom because of her second runway which was brilliant.

I have such a crush on Adriana.
Kendall seems like a really sweet person, but I feel she's reached her limit of what she could currently offer as a contestant. Out of the twinkplets, Synthia should've always been the last to go. Gia's surprised me, though! I'm not counting her out as of yet.

I still feel they made a mistake sending Suki and Stephanie out so early.
Kendall and Gia are just so earnest it’s embarrassing. I know modern Drag Race expects the girls to be shiny, smiling activists first and artists second so I suppose I can’t blame them too much for adapting their personas to fit that expectation? They just have zero edge to them, no depth at all.

Synthia, on the other hand, seems like she has the potential to be a huge bitch. There was definitely something going on beneath the surface there. She also has this supremely confident energy that bordered on raging arrogance ddd. A titanium-plated little blonde bitch.
I like Synthia overall and wished she had stayed over Kendall but she deserved to go home for that lip sync. I enjoyed her previous lip syncs but the recent one just screams "drunk white girl doing what she saw on drag race". Was at a viewing party and everyone laughed when she did the helicopter/fan move.

Currently rooting for Icesis to take the crown although I won't be too mad if it's Pythia or Gia.
I mean I LIVE for Synthia but it was her time to go she was the worst in the challenge but I'm still mad she was in the bottom last week cause Kendall should've been bottom instead of her last week but I guess they gave her bottom this week instead of Adriana.
I enjoy both Amanda Brugel and Traci Melchor sooooooo much. Their switching of appearances next to Brad and Brooklyn and in the workroom really give the show so much more enjoyability than Robert and Michelina.
I do love Stacey but they are the perfect replacements.