Canada's Drag Race (S4)

The eliminated queen tonight... I understand where she was coming from but that was quite an ungraceful way to exit.

Kimora was the only one without a win or a high placement(I think?) so she was honestly right when she said she wasn't winning the season but it was still awkward, and then that lipsync...

The Top 3 is looking to be Kendall, Icesis and Pythia and I'd love my Vancouver girl to win but I fear Icesis already has it locked.
Icesis laying into Brad's book with just her face took me out.
Trash lip-sync song and by far one of the weirdest lip-syncs on Drag Race. I probably would've pushed Kimora out of the way or told her to stop.

I wish they would do some songs that their international audience would be more familiar with.

Peaches, Nelly, Alanis, Joni Mitchell and so many names I’m leaving out.