Canada's Drag Race (S4)

Kendall's lip sync was exactly the same as her one for 'Main Event' last week.

Some of Pythia's runways have been outstanding and will be remembered.

But what a song for a finale lip sync. Icesis was giving me all the emotion the song required and I needed.
And she showed many different sides to her character in the episode. The correct winner.

It seems as though being in the bottom and lip syncing twice is good luck in Canada.
Kendall's finale look got almost no applause at the viewing party I went to and they were cheering pretty much every time she was on screen before that dddddddddd. Even local bias couldn't save her.

Also, Synthia Kiss is just as stunning in person and I am now a Stephanie Prince stan after watching her do a whole choreographed number to Kiss Me More.
NOT Priyanka SNAPPING that hard. I love the reference. SERVING US INDIAN GODDESS!

I was worried a second about Pythia winning cuz of her finale look and also Kendall acing the performance, but thank God, the judges came thru.

I really like this judging panel, especially Tracy.

Now, I'm on to watch the latest me$$ that is one HAWER and twenty minutes episode of Drag Race Italia.
Over the moon that they got it right. I was worried it was swinging away from Icesis at points. For the first half of the Celine Dion lip sync, they barely show Icesis, yet so much Kendall, who was completely fucking up the emotion of the song. I was filled with dread.

This was a brilliant season.
Say what you want about Pythia, but I appreciated that she took inspiration from these icons.

I literally screamed when she won, my boyfriend came running thinking I'd seen a rat ddd.

Haha I screamed too.

Also why was Gia smiling all that lip sync. It's not a smiley song. Odd choice. Awful outfit.

So pleased with the winner. Although some of the seasons haven't been amazing this year. We have added some great winners.