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Canada's Drag Race (Season 3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 14, 2020.

  1. It really slaps so hard. Lemons verse is so fun and ridiculous... her voice is so good for queer pop!

    I feel like Lemon and Priyanka should always be on songs together. The only thing that could make Bitch I'm Busy better is Lemon popping in rapping about her puss pics on reddit.
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  2. Meet the queens are up and most of the girls are looking ROUGH askajska
  3. I’m not even ashamed to admit I replayed Lemon’s verse repeatedly on the entire walk home from work tonight. Why did she have to snap like that?

    Im loving this musical output from Priyanka, it’s all just so camp and fun!
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  4. Meet the Queens of Season 2!

    Adriana Schatzi


    Eve 6000

    Gia Metric

    Icesis Couture
  5. Kendall Gender

    Kimora Amour

    Océane Aqua-Black


    Stephanie Prince
  6. Suki Doll

    And Synthia Kiss

    Coming October 14th
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  7. None of those videos are available for me but stan Gia Metric.
  8. The wig was unclockable but the outfit…. it happened.
  9. The name Synthia is giving me PTSD…

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  10. The cast looks cute! I hope season 2 can emulate the mess and fun of s1 (which is actually one of my favourite seasons of this entire franchise for some bizarre reason).
  11. This cast seems... amateur. My expectations are not great.
  12. Every season without Jimbo and Tynomi is amateur.
  13. They may not be as instant as the season 1 girls, but don't be taking naps on any of them yet.

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  14. I'm glad Jeffrey got to say his piece, and I feel awful for how the toxic Drag Race fandom treated him. Glad he'll be back on the US show, at least.
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  15. The reason:

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  16. upload_2021-9-16_19-0-31.gif

    I’m obsessed
  17. It's messy and chaotic but probably still easily in my top 3 lip syncs of the whole franchise. Although much of that could be down to Stacey's adorable reactions any time one of the girls so much as lifts her foot off the floor.

    This and Lemon's verse made the whole thing worth it.
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  18. I don’t know girls but some days I just feel like Ilona Verley is the best queen this show has ever seen.
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  19. This has more "tea" in it then anything any of the queens said they were coming out with when their contracts ended.

    Ear pieces, creepy producers, an all white production team and Ru telling him to quit twitter
  20. I forgot how amazing all the lipsync song choices for S1 were.
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