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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. She already said on an Instagram live(?) that she rebranded because she feels she's changing as an artist and exploring a more genderfluid identity with her drag. Unsure if she prefers they/them pronouns now or is still fine with "she" but if so please inform.
  2. Ru really kept the only good promo look for herself.

    A total serve to be fair.
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  3. Look who launched BBC Three at 7:

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  4. BTG


    The urge I had to switch it off the minute Baga opened her mouth.
  5. Her outfit is awful
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  6. Fack off Maga Shitz
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  7. Quintessential Baga saying she might struggle to understand any non-UK queens…
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  8. Nn these international queens outdoing the U.K. queens with their outfits already
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  9. BTG


    Lemon looks rich.
  10. Team PanJaney
  11. BTG



  12. Pangina is so hot.
  13. Will Mo be credited as Monique throughout the season?

    Pangina is beautiful. I've never watched the Thai series but my god.
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  14. I'm shamelessly copying this from the Tea Thread but DAMMIT I'm right:

    Maga coming in bad Diana drag to co-opt the "peoples princess" line feels deeply crass and disrespectful. My thing with Diana memes is that I think they're only good when coming from a place of reverence. And I'm not convinced that she does. Bet she doesn't even know about the time Diana pushed her stepmother down the stairs.
  15. I hope Jujubee just talks about her cats again in the confessionals
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  16. Not Jujubee writing notes about the other girls!
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  17. Non UK queens: understanding most British slang with ease

    Baga: These foreigners have no idea what I'm saying
  18. Blu trying to start some non-existent beef. Enough girl
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  19. The energy feels hateful fff

    Also Janey to ruin me please x
  20. BTG


    Blu trying to start shit. Sis.
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