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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. Pangina is literally the most gorgeous drag race contestant out of drag I have ever seen.

  2. Ru's runway look

  3. Lemon sis what is this
  4. Somebody make a gif of Jimbo bopping please
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  5. BTG


    The crickets during this Janey performance.
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  6. This is the WORST talent show. This Baga monstrosity!
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  8. Jimbo in the background has me screaming
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  9. JIMBO.
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  10. It takes nerve to throw lunchmeat at Ru. That performance was wonderfully chaotic.
  11. Jimbo gave me serious Willow Pill energy which is amazing.
  12. That Jimbo performance was so goddamn funny
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  13. Why does this sound like Give Me All Your Luvin by Madonna
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  14. Jimbo. Can you say fucking legendary? That was the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I absolutely loved every second of it. Who even needs psychedelics when you can watch this?
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  15. Apart from jimbo that was the worst talent show they’ve ever had ghdnndw
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  16. Not Blu bringing out Erika Jayne
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  17. Jimbo, Pangina, and Blu turned it out. Every other talent performance was awful or a non-event.
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  18. Baga’s runway
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  19. Fuck off Baga Chipz Mckeef
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