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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. Jimbo on Jujubee;
    "I'd put my lighter in the air for that, and then I'd put it right on the bottom of that dress"

  2. Me through all of that. What.

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  3. Pangina heals… my pangina is vibrating
  4. BTG


    Send Blu home.
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  5. Mel C's Spice burns are everything.
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  6. BTG


    I hope they drag Baga and Blu’s drag all season.

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  7. Mo safe??? In that final look? She should have won for that alone.

  8. Not Mel C literally being in sporty spice character the entire time.

    The shade over Victoria Beckham and lip synching was good.
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  9. Cheryl has the charm Baga thinks he has. The true people's princess.

  10. The fact people online are using the "is she gonna jump for there" meme for Lemon's performace and that's it, is... telling.

    Also keep Mel C her critques were more or less spot on
  11. Jimbo casually reading Janey to her face was pretty hilarious
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  13. How in the hell did Baga and Juju both escape the bottom?

    I love Mo and Cheryl but I’ll be actively rooting against the UK and US this season.
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  14. BTG


    There’s low key a slightly uncomfortable energy with some of the queens from the English speaking series towards those from the little known, lesser watched international versions ddd.
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  15. Poor Lemon. She’s just so damn likeable
  16. Some of these queens dont give a fuck about fan reaction...

    What a refreshing change
  17. Blu is a shit stirrer, and her talent show was amazing. I love her.
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  18. I'm surprised Mo and JuJu were safe with their efforts. Mo's runway was amazing though so that feels like it went a long way. I'm also so happy Cheryl got through, what a babe.

    The praise for Baga is mental when she gave us nothing.

    Jimbo was so so funny and weird. Blu was hysterical. Pangina was great too, can't wait to see more of them.

    There's a lot of potential here for an amazing season.
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  19. LPT


    Jimbo bopping to.. everyone during the talent show was a mood.
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