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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. No wonder Pangina is a host of an international version.

    That was literally a masterclass on lip synching.

    Not that Rupaul could ever herself.
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  2. I... sort of expected the chemistry in this cast to be a bit better from the off? Hopefully they'll gel a bit more in the coming weeks.

    The best thing about this was the show forcing Cheryl to say canned, competitive lines when we all know she's just here for a good old piss up.
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  3. I really enjoyed tonight’s episode of The Jimbo Show.

  4. This is equally weird to me
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  5. Lemon is one of the sweetest (forgive the pun) contestants out there, but I'm not sure she was ready for this. There was a lot of hesitance throughout the episode.
    Jimbo, somehow, amping up the insanity from CDR... She remains stanworthy.
    Janey is so much better than what she demonstrated tonight, so I hope she comes back swinging next week.
    Pangina is drag excellence and her coming in guns ablaze was so satisfying to watch. I miss Drag Race Thailand so much.
  6. LPT


    The energy shift when Mo came on was palpable
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  7. The judging was a mess. Baga 1000% deserved to be bottom 2 and the whole reading Lemon for being unoriginal was so dumb because Jimbo was literally the only one who did something original.
  8. I understand why Lemon went but I also don't think it was the right choice.
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  9. Me filing
    in 'Iconic fake tea' alongside 'Bianca brakes her leg', 'Acid Betty punches Michelle in the left titty' and 'Gia dies'.

  10. Sam


    Can Baga just keep her fucking mouth closed or is that wide open frog smile the only thing she thinks she has going for her? Christ
  11. BTG


    This was downright fascinating. Mo is catching a lot of heat online for being shady but the way the fun energy on the main stage came to an absolute standstill the moment she appeared, was something else. I don’t blame her for going on the offensive when it was clear within seconds the cast was decidedly not there for the US girls.

    Of course we know why Mo is getting dragged left, right and centre while Blu can be as shady as she likes without comment but that’s a story for another day.
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  12. Much as I like Mo, she feels like an uneasy fit in this cast. Her very extroverted, competitive diva energy comes off as a bit abrasive next to a bunch of queens who are quite a bit more grounded, low-key and less overtly competitive. It's the difference between the UK and US versions of Drag Race in microcosm.
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  13. Really enjoyed this tonight... Pangina was great.

    Also Baggaz song was hilarious, what a mess but so funny.
  14. Sam


    Mo going straight for Baga’s jugular yas
  15. Really enjoyed this episode. Pangina is absolutely amazing! So far my favourite, followed by Cheryl and Mo. Can't believe Baga wasn't sent home for that atrocity of a catwalk look.
  16. That result made my heart hurt.
  17. Jimbo and Pangina totally ran away with this episode, huh? I never watched their respective seasons but I'm in love with them already.

    It already feels like the UK queens are going to be a bit outclassed here but I'm sure they'll find a way to contrive MAGA being a frontrunner. What a shame they couldn't have gotten one or two of the UK2 girls on.
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  18. Well I enjoyed the first episode! Most of the talents though I wasn’t impressed with, they need to rest that challenge!

    The UK Girls entrance outfits compared to the rest were very basic! I also think Baga should have been the first to go cause that runway was garbage!

    Obviously great to see Juju and Mo again but the edit Mo is already getting doesn’t really show them in the best light, I hope this season doesn’t ruin them!
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  19. I'd really recommend Canada!

    It's also a shame they couldn't get the DDC. Talent show? Would eat it. Design challenge? Would eat it. Love that she's booked and busy of course but she would've really shone.
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  20. I also hated them trying to give Monique a weird villain edit as if she isn’t one of the funniest, most charismatic, iconic queens that has ever graced the show.
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