Canada’s Drag Race Vs. The World

But Pangina wasn’t much better than any of the other candidates, either.
Weren't you stanning Baga's snatch game? What would you know about good snatch games?

I haven’t even watched tonight’s episode yet but I’m already breaking out in hives reading all your comments. I knew the spoiler in advance but it doesn’t sting any less!!
To say I can’t stand Baga Chipz and never found her funny. I actually found her Snatch Game performance absolutely hilarious!

I love the format so much I’m glad they’ve tweaked it slightly instead of having a carbon copy.

Definitely the eliminations have been shocking but I’m inclined to agree with @star.dust that at least they’re not doing the now typical ‘Report card’ bull
Why did they make the elimination so drawn out? I thought a 'wait, Pangina, come back' moment must be happening when they spent so long filming the tears and playing the tense music, so when that didn't happen it just seemed a bit tacky.

Juju and Janey were the clear bottom two for me. The fact that we got the two worst lipsyncers of the season to that song as well, the Heartbreak on Hold era remains cruelly unappreciated.
Why was Baga even in the top? Her Snatch Game was mildly amusing but that runway was trash. Whereas Mo’s Snatch Game was slightly less mildly amusing but her runway was incredible. Pangina’s runway too, and her Mariah look, were killer. Even if her performance wasn’t.
I hate to say it but Baga's Snatch Game was very good. She got nearly all the memorable lines and moments from Misery into the performance while still tailoring her answers in the questions in a way that made sense.

What a shit episode though. MAGA exposing herself as right-wing trash once again. The horrendous lipsync. The frontrunner and best queen left going home. The way Pangina crying and leaving was dragged out for an eternity was the most uncomfortable thing I've seen on the show maybe ever.

The season's basically over for me at this point. Mo is the best option left but she isn't exactly killing the challenges so I don't see where the season goes from here really.
This the second week in a row I've read the comments on here before watching the epsiode and both times I felt like i'm just in a parallel world to some of you?
Pangina would have been in the bottom 2/3 with or without the twist and the top two was correct, they could have switiched Mo with Baga due to the outfits , but Baga was better in the game, Blu got better when she changed too. The top 2 through out the season has been pretty much spot bar maybe in ep 2 I would have swtiched Janey with Blu.

Plus the "eliminate your competition twist", is the only real change and advantage the queens have during these seasons compared to their original ones. If it was the same format again I think the show would feel like it was going through the motions and being repaptive. They have to give them somthing they haven't dealt with before.

I feel for Pangina but I think out of this she has gained the biggest following, got the biggest exposure, not to mention the chance that Thailand season 3 might happen. And she gained the "robbed queen" status from Lemon which I am very happy about... Lemon wasn never robbed tbh.