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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. You could also ask this about her namesake.
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  2. Standing out doesn't determine your level of talent. If you don't like her you don't like her but she's not talentless.

    Also citing Bianca Del Rio as the example of talent when she basically tells one joke over and over is funny to me.
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  3. Does this mean the UK girls on this season won't show up on an actual UK All Stars?
  4. I mean JuJu is on this and she's done 2 All Stars in the US so I'd count nothing out.
  5. I am so excited to see Janey again. The UKS2 amnesia aside (it was filmed beforehand I guess?), it's a great cast!
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Cheryl relying on being basic again doesn’t fill me with confidence, but I’m here for her being the Jujubee of the UK series.
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  7. A really great cast, I'm absolutely clueless at who will be a first out? A vague guess would be Cheryl or Janey...
  8. I for one am excited about Pangina. They better not do her dirty by sending her out early. I know she will bring it! Come thru, representation!
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  9. I can’t imagine how this season will…feel? It’s not giving me All-Stars… more… Drag Race Christmas Special. But willing to be proven wrong.

    Agree with everyone saying the UK casting is just odd. Those three have proven bankable but Season 2 was star-studded.

  10. Facts are facts, world.
  11. During an Instagram live that same day, Mo shared why she opted to compete under a new name.

    She told fans: “The reason I changed my name [is] because I’m growing as an artist, right? And I believe that artists should always evolve and grow and I just felt like, I as an individual just want to give more heart, more love, more everything and just for branding, it just makes sense to be just ‘Mo’. I also feel that my artistry is evolving into more of a gender-fluid kind of non-binary, like I’ve been working out a lot, you know what I mean. For a long time I wanted to stay thin and petite and soft and frail because I wanted to give very, y’know, woman! Now, honey, you know, I’ve just, especially since the pandam girl and I got to go to the gym every damn day, girl. I’m getting body, girl. This body, girl. The shoulders, the chest, the abs, the chesticles, girl. Girl, I’m just trying to be rough trade, you know?”
  12. My new gym mantra.
  13. Mo Heart is actually a really fun little play on words. I’m excited to see her again.
  14. Sam


    fack off graham norton mckeef
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  15. Divina not being in the line up when she was THE star of Season 1. Worms. Not WoW continuing to force Maga Chipz on us.
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  16. I think it’s reported she declined? Or did I imagine this tea?
  17. Wasn't the season filming whilst Divina was in Chicago (the UK tour, not the city)? I'm sure they'd have taken part otherwise.
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  18. Yeh, I’m sure the original three UK girls were to be Divina, Baga and Cheryl, so that would mean Blu was the alternate when Divina declined.
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  19. It boggles me why they are going for a short/small season when they have such a wealth of potential cast
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  20. Honestly? I'm thrilled that it's so short. Give me all killer, no filler episodes, pls.
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