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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. BBCIII probably needed just that amount of episodes.
  2. Also this could be seen as a tester - it’s technically a new format so girls may not have been as willing to go for it this time.
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  3. I think Cheryl is super talented. She has a charisma and natural charm that a lot of girls would die for. She might not be the most elevated queen when she competed, but I put a lot of that down to finances. Of the UK girls, she's far and away my favourite, followed by Blu.

    Plus you just KNOW she's a Popjustice girl and spent her time trawling through forums to talk about girlbands just like all of us. That's relatability, not everybody has that.
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  4. I dunno, I listened to her podcast about the Sugababes and she got simple things wrong. She said Siobhan jumped out the bathroom window after Overload was released. She also said they released Get Sexy with Jade (yes I know it was re-recorded but that's not what she said), and that it was produced by RedOne.
  5. You, listening to the Podcast
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  6. This feels like me whenever I meet up with a Popjustice bebes over drinks so I find it relatable at least.
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  7. Oh yeah I remember that. I love her personality but it wasn't a great episode.
  8. Poor Chez! Surely we can forgive this. Props to anyone who hasn't microwaved anything Sweet 7 related from their brain.
  9. In all fairness, About a Girl came out...2 months (?) after Get Sexy, was their first single with Jade, and was produced by RedOne, it's not like she said Easy or something.
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  11. I guess, but then why do a podcast about girl groups and not even have Wikipedia open in the background?

    It's not that serious anyway, I like Cheryl regardless of her dodgy Sugababes knowledge.
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  13. I think it's more that she presented herself as a huge Sugababes fan and even had Keisha on the episode.
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  15. Ok this has inspired me to give it a listen!
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  16. I listened to the first episode of Cheryl's podcast and she gets a lot of stuff wrong. I don't mind a little mix* up now and again but when it's stuff that I know so well it's hard to let it go nn. Just a few examples, she mentioned Jenny Frost being pregnant in their The Tide Is High video (it's Natasha, not Jenny), that Whole Again was a cover version (it wasn't) and that Girls Aloud came on the scene when the Spice Girls had gone and there were no girl groups around. Sugababes had literally had 2 number 1 singles that year (and were 100% the reason Xenomania were approached about a song for the winning Popstars: The Rivals girl group but as Tayce would say, that's a story for another day) and Atomic Kitten also had a number 1 single and album in 2002 as well.

    *This was fully accidental!
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  17. Sugababes discussion taking over yet another thread. True legends.
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  18. For a minute, I genuinely didn’t know which thread I was in. Especially the fact that Sweet 7 was casually mentioned! It felt like September 2009 all over again. I can’t believe I’ve been lurking here ever since.

  19. Despite my love for Juju, I was going to give this a miss, but apparently Jonathan Bailey and his Olivier award winning ears are going to be a guest on this? I might need to invest.

    Plus It'll be nice to see queens from versions I am yet to see.
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  20. I had been meaning to check her podcast out. But wrong information like that really bugs me so I think I'll miss it.
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