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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. The phrase 'Aussie Aussie Aussie,' which Australian sports fans use to support their team, derives from the phrase 'Oggy Oggy Oggy,' which the Welsh have used to support their sports teams for 100 years or so.
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  2. Out of the kiwi queens I expected Anita to make it to the top 3. The only queen that did a good Snatch Game, Kita's Colonel Sanders was just odd and everyone else was terrible. Also the look they sent her home for wasn't even bad.

    Yet the sacrificed her so we could watch Karen make one balloon animal.

    It was very weird, we never use that 'phrase' in New Zealand.
  3. I feel like that’s just her face nn. Queen!
  4. Anita is one of the most genuine Queens that has ever graced the show and I’m so glad for the above posts recognising that she was sacrificed. I can’t keep my eyes off her whenever she’s on screen. She’s fascinating.

    Rita Baga’s new personality seems to have kicked in from nowhere. Sure, she was a little comedy on her series but she seems to have gone full “I’m so kooky” here and it feels incredibly forced.
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  5. Great episode! Always a pleasure to see my queen Ra'jah. Silky, yes queen. I'm a Silky stan since her first season, she's just so smart and brilliant, love her.

    Spent the episode wondering who Rita Baga reminds me of and it's... Adele dd
  6. I really hope that Silky finds that sweet spot between how confident and self assured she was in Season 11 (despite being unfairly maligned for being "too much") and her lower key energy in All Stars 6. I think she's a really interesting queen and has so much to offer the show. Plus she's bloody beautiful!
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  7. Silky is an angel to be protected at all costs - I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first episode.

    I low-key stan Victoria and her inventing a new personality for this season - her VT attitude, accent… not how I remember her!

    I’m also now a big fan of Vanity (previously: great lip-syncer, delightful person, weak drag queen) and her upgrade to Pretty Excellent Drag Queen!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I'm actually excited about the next episode. Something I've never said about Drag Race since Canada season 3!
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  10. Fucking hell.
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  11. Her Sandi Toksvig in the VTs is impressive. I might stan!
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  12. Wow, that episode was…rough all the way around.

    I still adore all of them, and some of those runways were breathtaking (like seriously, perhaps one of the highest concentrations of top-tier looks we’ve ever seen outside of a finale episode?), but the reads and snatch game were…so bad.

    Also, was it weird how casually they chatted with Trudeau? I’d be so much more respectful…? He was a great sport though, and inspiring.

    I did love Victoria calling out the misogyny.
  13. Horrible Snatch Game from everyone, but amazing runway from everyone.

    I love Victoria for calling out drag misogyny. More cis women on Drag Race, please.
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  14. Anita's Adele was demonic. I cannot.

    My favs really ran away with this one! How lucky are we to watch them show their craft with such joy and ease.
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  15. Honestly that reading challenge should have gone the way of the Season 12 one and been edited out.

    Icesis is an icon and I love her more each week.
  16. That runway! Have to say I thought Silky was lucky to escape the bottom 2.
  17. BTG


    Continuing the trend of VTW seasons’ Snatch Games being diabolical. At least Icesis was there.
  18. Also did they do a Top 2 bottom 4 for the critique? As it felt like both Silky and Victoria got negative critique. And I don't think either of them did better than Rita or Vanity.

    Also also the editing was odd on Snatch Game Rita's earrings kept appearing then disappearing.

    Also also also, Stephanie's reaction to Justin being Hey Daddy. Girl! You should have said what you said to the other queens after.
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  19. My two faves in the top... I know that's right.

    A ball next week? Ra'Jah in the top again... I know that's right.
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