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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. K94


    "I love wine coz I'm Adele"

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  2. Priyanka is so handsome.
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  3. Anita should have kept the Royal thing going and have done Camila Parker-Bowles.

    Her Queen worked so well because it was filthy and she could have done the same with Camila.
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  4. K94


    Sk8er Boi's middle 8 still gets me going

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  5. The snatch game was a bit rough but I still enjoyed the episode and am perched for episode 3. Icesis continues to eat.
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  6. I think it was a bit early for the reading challenge. The queens don't know each other at all.
  7. Don't most Queens come with pre-written reads these days and just adapt/fill-in-the-names?
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  8. Part of the problem with this format is how short the seasons are considering these queens aren't just from different seasons, but entirely different franchises, countries and cultures. They need longer to get to know each other and build natural camaraderie and this format just isn't providing that. The size of the cast works so I don't know how they could circumvent that - a non-elim premiere would help plus a 'save' twist of some sort mid-season.

    I'm aware that the budget may not allow for more episodes but look what that did to All Stars 1. There's a reason seasons that short weren't repeated in the US.
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  10. Nn
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  11. This episode was a lot… dreadful reading challenge and nearly all of them bombed at Snatch Game. I still enjoyed it though! There’s something about this cast and judging panel that keeps it interesting. Victoria’s moment about misogyny within the drag community was great and definitely needed! I was also really impressed having a Prime Minister as a guest. That really is special!

    The top 2 was absolutely correct. And Rajah really is one of the best narrators in the whole franchise right? Everything about her is spot on and her confessionals are a it.
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  12. It’s so refreshing not to have RuPaul or Michelle. I know we are one season short to compare but is it fair to say Canada’s Drag Race has leaped over DRUK as the superior international version?
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  13. I adore the judging panel's excitement during the runways and lip syncs.
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  14. Of the international ones I'd say.


    But France, Holland and UK could easily be swapped around. The Philippines could jump up depending on the second season.

    My boyfriend thinks the UK is the best version overall.
  15. UK S2 is one of the best seasons ever, but I'd say Canada's better than UK on average. Spain and Thailand are top 2 for sure.
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  16. The best part of the episode was Silky looking around the room and giving nooch when Trudeau was talking about diversity in Canada.
  17. I hope Victoria has left the inevitable instagram DM from Hollow Eve on read with no response.
  18. Victoria clocking "fishy" as politically incorrect and then coming onto the runway with finger waves...

  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Can Rita Baga go home IMMEDIATELY
  20. Yeah, of all of the incredible Canadian queens they could have chosen, Rita was a choice. Scarlet Bobo would have been way more interesting.

    Do people actually pay to go see her?
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