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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. Rita is FINE. Like not exciting or interesting but acceptable.
  2. And there in lies the problem. She’s bland and worst of all, she’s BORING. She’s a drag queen- and if there are two things a drag queen should never be, it’s those two.
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  3. Good episode in spite of a fucking terrible reading challenge and a fairly poor Snatch Game.

    Definitely the correct bottom 2 and the proper sashay.

    Icesis and Ra'Jah absolutely dominating. I love to see it.
  4. I didn't even mind the reading challenge being so bad because the girls knowing they were all terrible and Brooklyn's comments made it funny. The snatch game was... rough. What even was that Adele??!?!?! Ra'jah was the highlight, as she always is teebs.

    I really need her to get a crown. She might be one of my favorite queens ever. Like all time top 3 favorite.
  5. Roc Nation in 2014
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  6. The Snatch Game was awful but Icesis and Ra’Jah are solidified as two of my all time faves at this point so seeing them leave the others in the dust was most pleasing to me.
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  7. Ra’Jah is my No 1 in all her seasons. Like I live for her talking, lip-syncing, wig wearing, her mannerisms, she's just the best.
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  8. Icesis is MOTHER, I love her so so much.
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  9. You are right and you should say it! She’s giving nothing, the fact she was in the top 2 last week still irks me.
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  10. The heightened Rita - the French-Canadian diva - persona is very

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  11. Two weeks in a row that you’ve been able to clearly see Rita’s own hair from the back of her wig-line. In her entrance look and Snatch Game no less.
  12. It’s happening a lot this season. I’m starting to wonder if it’s just been edited out better in other seasons.
  13. Wow that reading challenge OH MY GOD
  14. The joke about Silky having an ass at the front…
  15. The runways are all Gorgeous!
  16. Yeah the reading challenge was great fun because it was a train wreck and everybody knew it.

    Brooke Lynne’s (and the other judges) enthusiasm has made me consider going back to finish S2 and 3 of CDR after dropping off. Icesis being so good, too.
  17. Anita's snatch game was the worst I've ever seen
  18. Heidi is on Twitter questioning why the reading challenge was left in- and says that the Season 12 challenge was cut because it was THAT bad.
  19. Icesis is coming across so confident and at ease with herself, like it’s the most fun in the world being Icesis Couture. I liked her before but always thought she was lacking that certain extra something that makes for great winners - I was wrong. She’s golden.
  20. I had no idea who she really was prior to this and I am impressed. The runways are so exquisite but she has that understated hilarious Aquaria vibe down.
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