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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. You all need to go and watch Canada Season 2&3. Both are great seasons, and there's some really amazing runways. I think Canada S2 is probably one of the best season for runways ever alongside All Stars 7.
  2. 2014

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    I don't see it for her but ok.
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  3. Watching Icesis come into her own in S2 was incredible. If you've not watched it, do it. If you've only seen her on Canada vs The World, you haven't truly seen what Icesis is giving yet.

    What a superstar.

    Also, S2 has hands down some of the best rusical performances ever. Those girls fucking ate. Apart from Icesis, annoyingly. She truly sucked.
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  4. Anita not even bothering to brush her shake and go Adele wig was so disrespectful fff.

    I have to admit I screamed in the deliberations when Stephanie told Icesis she had comedy over Anita and Icesis just looked her straight in the eye and said "you can't do comedy" and then "can I get a tear or something?".
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  5. The way she was kiki-ing with her as if she obviously wouldn't be voting for her, only to send her ass home minutes later. Yes Icesis lull the girlies into a false sense of security.
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  6. This was amazing. I cackled.
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  7. Regardless of what shenanigans may befall her due to the elimination format, Icesis has already proven why she was an original winner within two episodes here. And a really refreshing, almost old-school Drag Race winner energy too - not laden down with catch phrases or getting caught up in self producing. Just having fun.

    That lipsync with Ra'jah was brilliant, and whilst I enjoy a good stunt here and there, I like that it was almost exclusively free from anything other than just great dancing, lip-syncing, and command of the space.
  8. That Sk8er Boi lipsync is wonderful
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  9. This reading challenge. The Snatch Game...


    Thank god my faves got a win from it, so that makes it worthwhile.
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  10. Was it though?
  11. .
    The more I listen to her verse, the more I love it.

    R you ready for this Frenchie?
    Cause I came here to Bagattack
    the T is boiling, mon cherie
    A mother of six knows how to act

    when people do the spelling out the name thing it’s usually very ‘R is for Radiant, O is for Oppalance’ and that she did it so subtly that most people probably didn’t even notice, aaahhhhh that’s talent.

    once again, people do too much over at worst a completely inoffensive queen
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  12. Has been said before I think? Didn’t someone do pretty much the same read on AS6?
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  13. Ms Hytes just can't stop touching Justin.

    This episode was okay, but the cast works.
  14. Icesis saying ‘it’s pronounced Donatella Versace, nOT dOnATeLlA veRsACe’, she had already won for me. Her and Ra’Jah were leagues ahead in this challenge. I reckon Victoria could have been fairly safe not low, but nobody else really deserved a ‘high”.

    Top two and bottom two were right for me, and I’m glad Anita stayed, though I fear with a ball next week, the writing may be on the wall for her if she finds herself in the bottom again based on her showing so far.
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  15. Agree. I catched that part again on Instagram and her delivery and timing were so good.
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  16. Ra’Jah literally threw Victoria a bone by telling her Kim Woodburn that she had no idea who she was - it was a perfect opportunity for Victoria to launch into a tirade and start attacking her and everyone else (judging panel included) using Kim’s wealth of iconic insults and threats but Victoria just sort of threw it away - unforgivable! She was boring.
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  17. It sounded like she started to go into it but gave up.
  18. Episode 1 - Victoria's scone dress was saved by the "it's Booty Berry" commentary, and yes Silky's runway was phenomenal.
    Mother was serving Everything and I loved every molecule
  19. Since we’re on Canada:
  20. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it but Victoria wasn't completely in character, she kept giggling at points during her answers.
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