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Canada’s Drag Race vs The World

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. I actually wonder how much of this is all a scam to get us to subscribe to WoW+ or whatever to watch all the international versions that the cast is from.
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  2. Knowing Ru I'd say very likely, not that it'll work when I can just watch it on a sharing website and use the money to buy pizza.
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  3. Well on this season of US Drag Race they do a "Stay tuned later in the show for a special look at Drag Race All Stars on Paramount+" and then it ends up just being a trailer for the last season of All Stars. Like ma'am, everyone's already watched it... no one's signing up for paramount+ to watch it now.

  4. Not Juju recycling her promo look from All Stars 5…
  5. Well it’s not as if it was an official promo look so she’s giving the outfit it’s TV debut haha!
  6. Since this is airing on BBC3 maybe it is the best place to ask but, is it going to be available in Scotland? On the TV guides I only see "England only"
    If not then I assume it'll be on iPlayer.
  7. Scotland and Wales only gets BBC3 SD rather than HD, which is perhaps a blessing in disguise for y'all given Baga's mug.
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  8. Thanks for confirming.
  9. I can't tell which one is her ddd.
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  10. Just to say this is only on freeview, HD is available on other providers all over the UK.
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  11. And these are the entrance looks! Mo is serving us budget now.
  12. ..and then there's MAGA
  13. I’m sooo happy that in that preview alone I can already see my Thai Kween (Panpan) SERVING EXPENSIVE DRAG.

    We don’t know her.
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  14. Jimbo is one of my favourite queens ever. I hope she serves the truly manic absurdity I expect
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  15. Sam


    screaming the accuracy
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  16. I just realised Monique is now Mo.

    Do we know the reason for her name change?
  17. She’s changing it mid-season, so we will find out.
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