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Canada's Drag Race

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 14, 2020.

  1. July 2nd!
    Let's go, eh?

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  4. They're all so...boring


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Isn't this just Ontario's Drag Race? Dddddddd
  6. Why is one of the girls from New York? Like Drag Race just CANNOT exist without a New York queen, can it? (Thailand aside. I bet if a Thai new yorker signed up though, they'd take her)

    Anyways- Priyanka I saw perform digitally a few weeks ago and she was really funny.
    And Kyne has been making amazing youtube drag tutorials - like some of the best- So I'm really happy for her because she deserves a bigger platform.

    Everyone else, i'm curious to get to know them.
    I wonder why it seems that no trans people were cast? Without RuPaul there, it would've been a nice Fuck You... Wishful thinking I guess
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  7. I hope they put this on Netflix for the UK.
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  8. I hope Kiara and Rita Baga get some moments of kikiing in French in the work room. Quebec is so integral to Canada's LGBTQ+ history, and it would be disappointing if they just have the whole show be in English.
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  9. I'm intrigued by Jimbo.
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  10. I see Jimbo and Rita going far, Tynomi has an awful name but looks so regal. Scarlett is giving me Aja vibes, she might go far too. Kiara and Juice Boxx feel very green, they could be early outs but hopefully they'll surprise us!
  11. I like Brooke Lynn Hytes, but if you compared all of the queens from RPDR history, isn't this quite a big jump to be leading your local version of the show?
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  12. Ilona is non-binary/two-spirit and talks about it in her segment, but that’s all I’ve seen so far re: trans contestants.
  13. It is. I'm REALLY curious as to what her critiques and whatnot are like. There is no host, but she is the only person on the panel that is a drag queen. And not just a RuPaul "Drag Queen", she is an actual working Drag Queen. Also has been a Drag Race contestant! It'll be the first time a past contestant is judging, essentially. It should make for some interesting moments.

    Thank you, I haven't watched everyone's yet. And this is important - even though i'm still waiting for some trans girl with boobs to be on there because RuPaul just. Really doesn't want anyone with boobs.
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  14. If they haven't got a set host, I imagine the three of them will take turns in the workroom.
  15. Whoever did that title card with the PINK AND LIGHT BLUE BACKGROUND needs to be shot, it's eye-hurting.

    The Meet The Queens was muted. I'm hoping for a dramatic season. There were some LEWKS tho.
  16. None of the MTQ videos are available in my country and I live in Canada.
  17. Why am I yelling at one of them just being named "Lemon"?
  18. I saw Lemon live when I was in New York. She was (coughs like a man) good but seemed quite full of herself nn.
  19. It's very... lets Baga Chipz be the main judge of RPDR UK going forward, and fuck you if you think different! No proper thought has been put into it.
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