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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 14, 2020.

  1. Cigs not knowing I Drove All Night but owning every Lana and Marina album...
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  2. I can't at the amount of people acting as if this is some hot new jam ddd.
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  3. Sorry for the double post but aside from Jimbo (and admittedly Lemon) that Snatch Game was awful.
  4. Lemon didn’t do it for me at all during Snatch Game. I don’t know who JoJo is, but I just found her character irritating. Mariah was nearly as bad as Brook Lynn doing Celine. Joan Rivers was great, but overall it was a very average snatch game. I see no one had any objection to Rita doing a tremor for Edith Piaf, but rushed to rake Sherry over the coals for it. Also her look for Edith and the runway were very similar.

    The lipsync was great and that song is a historically certified BOP. I hope Priyanaka can pull it back, as she’s been my favourite up until now.
  5. I didn't love it either. Susan Powter "It was not good. It was hokey" teas.
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  6. Well she is irritating as fuck so Lemon actually did an amazing job at her characterization.
  7. In this video she says she was worried she was being too "X rated", she also said during the episode in one of her answers she was trying to keep it PG. I fully believe there might have been some producer intervention to keep it from going too far, but at the same time Jimbo was being equally as explicit so...

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  8. Well Rita doesn’t have sexual assault allegations against her, so yeah we were a little bit more critical towards the freak.
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  9. Ilona was fun, but that accent was, as Bob would say, suspicious.

    Also, Katharine's tremor was the result of an actual illness called Familial Tremor, and Sh***y coasted on it... A lot. To the point she brought it back for another challenge. Which was gross.

    Rita's characterisation was a play on the fact the Edith passed nearly 60 years ago, and as a result, she was extremely tired and wanted to go back to sleep ("Can someone please bring me my coffin back, I'm tired of this shit-show?").

    I agree that it's a fine line, but I don't think Rita resorted to disrespect.
    If I was ever parodied, I'd much rather people poke fun at the fact that I'm supposed to be dead rather than something that made my remaining years much harder.
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  10. I cannot get OVER Priyanka's busted look from last week. That Dida Ritz wig, her makeup, the shit dress and that fucking umbrella. BOOOOOT

    In saying that, her runway should have saved her this week. They must think Boa has more entertainment value than she actually does.
  11. The Kiara x Priyanka lipsync, while all over the shop, is one of the best three-minute justifications for this franchise's continued existence there's been in a long time. The intensity, the talent, the desperation!! Also really well shot and edited.
  12. The lip sync gave me life. Mostly because it’s one of the best megabops ever created. Priyanka largely ate that.

    Still think this is a fun cast marred by horrible challenges and even worse judges / hosts. JBC needs to be OFF any future seasons. Because he’s atrocious, but also so he can get a much needed ego check. If I hear production tell us how hot he is one more time (is it them telling us to focus on his good points?) I’ll end up committing an anti-cig hate crime.
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  13. 2014

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    I really hope this is *Jeffery's only season, for his sake. He surely must be cringing if he's rewatching all this live?
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  14. Who is Jeremy hun?
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  15. I think they mean Jaremi

  16. 2014

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  17. Oh..we...we thought Ilona did well? Erm.
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  18. I think with Snatch Game, half the battle goes on before they even hit the set, in choosing somebody funny that they can milk for at least the 60 seconds of air time they're going to get. Ilona chose somebody that was probably unknown for a lot of the audience but with an essence she could get across in just an intro and a couple of answers, so safe was definitely about right.

    I don't think it went nearly as far as I would have liked it to, nor was it worthy of a top placement, but it was definitely at least okay and bought her another week quite nicely..
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  19. Lemon’s Jojo Siwa absolutely killed me
  20. What sector of the drag race fanbase doesn’t know who the cock destroyers are????
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