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Canada's Drag Race

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 14, 2020.

  1. A good Cyndi fag knows
  2. Twelve Deadly Cyns found converting!
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  3. I didn't.
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  4. Minas Gerges tho. More like Minas Gorgeous am I right ladies
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  5. Ilona's Rebecca Moore is in the Top 50% of all Snatch Game Performances.
  6. Haiw
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  7. Gggg truly a “neither underwhelmed nor overwhelmed” moment
  8. It had a few moments... SEVERAL of the girls on Snatch Game have no moments whatsoever!
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  9. I mean there are 3 Beyonce's, 3 Lady Gaga's and 2 Julia Child's in the bottom half so being in the top half isn't difficult.
  10. She's beat out a couple of eventual winners at Snatch Game, so there is that
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Brooke Lynn still being one of Canada's weakest Snatch Gamers.
  12. "See you on the runway, girl :)" may have been the best thing Ms BH has done, or ever will do.
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  13. Brook is doing fine as a host (the more Stacey, the better...), but does anyone else question her taste level just a bit? I have seen so many videos of her wearing that PG13 S&M getup with "Hytes" written all over it in every direction and I can't help but think The North deserves.... a bit more.
  14. Yeah it was undoubtedly better than Silky’s TS Madison and I laughed at “c...ock” way more than anything from Gigi’s robot. (Two low bars, I’m aware!)
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  15. Is “see...ock” a reference or joke somewhere I’ve missed? Ilona was showing effort for sure, but missing every mark - like most Snatch Games.

    Like..they’re rarely ACTUALLY funny right? We can all agree? The odd one or two will get a smile (Rita Baga in this case) but it’s more a challenge in who is least cringe.
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  16. Two things I most enjoyed about the lip-sync this week: Stacey's faces and reactions. And Rita having none of Boa's head piece in the background
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  17. I think it's just a joke about not knowing how to spell the word, or not knowing what spelling is and mistaking it for sounding out syllables. Both are funny.
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  18. I lowkey read it as a mocking of porn stars being “stupid” or whatever. Why would the cock destroyers not know how to spell Cock?
  19. Talk about zapping the enjoyment out of something when you don't enjoy it yourself.
  20. I think it was prodding at Ilona's choice of accent, because she was pronouncing it "Cork".

    Now as a bartender, "Cork destroyer" is a title I can identify with.
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