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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 14, 2020.

  1. I loved it, other than Jimbo's it was probably my favourite?! I agree that the shoe could have been better, but the outfit was cool. Everyone coming for her was actually quite a shame, in my eyes she's been killing the competition so far and is also a great TV contestant. It felt like she got the critiques she did because they needed someone to make a bottom three so that it wouldn't obviously be BOA and Ilona.
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  2. Denim couture is just ugly to me. Jimbo had the only outfit I was actually living for.
  3. Lemon should have worn a different wig with that outfit.
  4. "Hi JIMBO, welcome to the competition, hunny!!"

  5. 2014

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    Rita Blagga and her 3rd win? She had the worst runway up there and wasn't even the best in the weakest group - madness! Also that lipsync song of the worst ever? Gross. At least BOA's gone!
  6. Could someone explain this ignorant Spaniard how Canadian Tux-Shedo isn't... about tuxedos?


  7. Canadian tuxedo = denim top/denim bottom. Google for the Britney/Justin Timberlake outfits!
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  8. I knew about the Britney/Justin denim photo, I just didn't know the whole denim x denim had a name ñññ

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  9. Another week, another win that Jimbo has been robbed of.
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  10. This could be about literally almost any of the episodes so far. The power of Jimbo.
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  11. The fuck did Rita win?

    Better judging, do that challenge.
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  12. This season's judging is awful. Rita had no business even being placed high, let alone winning. If they were going to give someone a win, they could have given Priyanka/Lemon a double win or Jimbo a win (considering his runway was exceptional and he was hilarious during the challenge)...
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  13. Can't wait to see what the lip sync song is.
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  14. For those interested in next week's lip-synch song

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  15. It's not the one I would have chosen but I'm fine with it.
  16. Girl of the Year is literally... right there.
  17. They need to get rid of Jeffrey or I won't be watching a second season, he is unbearable, bland, artificial and a boring cliche.

    Why is Rita getting such easy wins? She is good, but I would have only given her one win so far.
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  18. That moment can basically be summed up as:
  19. I thought they would've gone for either All The Rage or Casanova for the lip sync!
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