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Canadian Politics - Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Minority

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Dddd #TrudeauMustGo is trending on Twitter right now.
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  2. Trudeau ran on a campaign of electoral reform, heavily suggesting he would do away with first past the post, then hasn't done anything about it since being in office. I'm not a fan, he's just so smarmy and if he doesn't have a rehearsed answer then he shuts down.

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  3. This "scandal" is such a non event.
  4. It could cost Trudeau the election in the fall.
  5. I’ve decided I’m voting Green unless credible polling shows me the NDP can challenge the Cons in my riding (Liberals do not exist in my riding). The Greens are on the verge of something and I’d like my vote to mean more than a futile attempt to get the NDP a seat they won’t win.
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  6. Uhhh has anybody else been hearing about the People’s Party of Canada? It’s been this huge thing in my city (mainly because of the representative in my riding and the absolute disaster that has been his political career) and I’m just like... gobsmacked at the party. I’m trying to read and learn more about them but my god a lot of their policies just seem... problematic.
  7. That's the one led by Maxine Bernier right? They don't seem to be getting a lot of traction where I live. But yeah they're basically the ones who said Scheer wasn't Trumpian enough and branched off so I'm not surprised to hear their candidates are a mess.
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  8. I wouldn't go that far. It will hurt him, yes, but he may get re-elected just because the competition is just so weak and terrible despite this scandal. This has to be the worst election in Canadian history because NONE of the candidates are worth voting for. Andrew Scheer is a terrible leader for the Conservative Party and being associated with Doug Ford & Jason Kenney has really hurt his chances. Jagmeet Singh is a joke of a leader and is Identity Politics 101 (he's pretty much Trudeau 2.0 but way worse). Elizabeth May... never gonna happen. Bernier's party is too new and will need more election cycles to have any kind of impact. I've never been so unmotivated to vote before. All of them are awful.

  9. Obviously this is info we all probably know, but I’m glad Hasan is exposing Trudeau and Canada’s faults to Americans.
  10. Okay with election season on us maybe we can compile some resources around polls, etc. I found the CBC Poll tracker, but are there other useful tools? I’m especially wondering about provincial polls.

    Also based on that latest CBC poll update I have two observations: 1) it’s scary to see the conservatives on level with Trudeau and 2) the Green Party being only four points behind the NDP is a triumph and hopefully the kick in the ass the NDP needs to be more left-wing.
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  11. Story on the NDP-Green party debacle in New Brunswick.
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  12. October 21 election date official. Let the campaign ads begin.
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  13. Well if Justin loses he can then finally start an Onlyfans.
  14. Some brave soul put up a bunch of Liberal signs in my riding. It’s pretty much a guaranteed Con win.
  15. Well I guess there's a Leader's Debate tonight, which Trudeau is apparently skipping.

    Ways to watch.
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  16. R92


  17. I swear to god if Andrew Scheer wins this election I will vomit.

    I continue to remain strong in my convictions in voting green. Thankfully my local candidate hasn’t embarrassed themselves.

    @R92 can you vote yet?
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  18. I’m really bummed the NDP aren’t inspiring voter confidence. The Greens seem too conservative for my taste and my riding has a great NDP incumbent so I’m still sticking with him this time.
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