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Canadian Politics - VOTE TODAY

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. I think I'm leaning NDP or Green, but I need to do more research into Green's platform. I had a nice chat with a canvasser about the local rep and the party's policies recently.
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  2. Platforms:
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  3. Oh, dear lord.

  4. I've never liked him, he has always been so smug and judgmental about being super politically correct so it's fun to watch this mess fall on him.

    If he had had a different attitude, had been more like 'I had ignorant beliefs in the past that I no longer identify with', then this probably wouldn't look as bad.
  5. Not that I think it will happen, but is there even a liberal in waiting to become new party leader?
  6. Something something liberals are truly the least reliable people in the world when it comes to defending people from the evils of conservatism.
  7. Unfortunately neither leftist party in Canada has a hope of creating a government. I think the best we can hope for is a liberal minority government which has to seek out the leftist parties to pass legislation.
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  8. The blackface scandal is..... a lot
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  9. Yikes. Be authentic, girl.
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  10. I mean... I'll probably vote Green at this rate but WHY is the political leadership in this country so embarrassing ddd.
  11. The most iconic Canadian federal election moment was when Stephen Harper couldn't say election in French (it's the same word in English)

    'Do you want this erection?'
    'A 5th erection before the 4th one is even finished'
    'Are you tired of having repeating erections?'
    'To cause a useless erection'
    'An erection costing hundreds of millions'
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  12. I don’t like any of them, even the ones who lead parties I agree with. The sheer floppery.
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  13. Politicians are all dishonest and hypocrites, water is wet.

    At this point I just want to vote for whoever will beat the conservatives.
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  14. So is the People’s Party of Canada a thing in anybody else’s riding? I mentioned it on the last page but my god they really seem to have a strong presence in my riding and it’s only growing. Interestingly, I think they do offer some new ideas but I’m still not entirely sure where my vote lies. I’ve always been an NDP fan but I’ve been trying to get more into federal politics and my line of thinking is opening up to different parties.

    Anyway, the PPC doesn’t seem to have any national media traction which is crazy just because locally they really seem like a big deal.
  15. I got this flyer from them in my mail box with this chart comparing all the other party's platforms against theirs and I was like is this suppose to make me vote for ya'll? They seem to lean even more right than the conservatives.

    And I was already not gonna vote for him cause he's a climate change denier.
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