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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. I'm not mad at this. Don't have to stress about another election or a conservative government for 3 years.

    Maybe the NDP can use these 3 years to better their chances cause I don't see voters letting Trudeau do more than 10 years.
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  2. Well looks like I spoke too fast dd.
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  3. I'm really nervous about the Ontario election in June. Thanks to our entirely Conservative owned Canadian media (the new owner or CEO - I can't remember - of the Toronto Star had a series of anti vax tweets), people have very little idea of how much Doug Ford has done and is planning to do. No one's talking about how he's quietly building 6 privatized hospitals while holding photo ops about how many new hospital beds they're building and not mentioning that they'll be for paying customers. No one talks about the 38,000 kids with autism who are now on a waitlist to receive treatment and support. No one talks about he's made it nearly impossible to get a covid test now that everything's opened up so he can downplay the number of daily cases. No one talks about the $4 billion unaccounted for out of the $12 billion of covid funding the federal government gave us which is the same amount of tax cuts he's given to corporations. No one talks about how he just cut $600 million from OSAP or $1 billion for disabled workers or $7.9 billion from seniors or $71 billion from First Nations people or 70% of our forest firefighting budget. The license plate rebates everyone's been getting are essentially bribes to reelect him

    Steven Del Duca should be everywhere right now screaming these facts but hardly anyone knows who he is with a little more than a month to go. I went to the opening of my Liberal candidate's office the other day and could not believe the lack of enthusiasm in the room, even from young politicians and community leaders
  4. Yeah, I’ve been an Ontario resident for basically my entire life and it’s weird how much people are downplaying a Ford landslide. He rarely gets questioned about his lies or really anything substantive that has an effect on our daily lives. But I’m pretty blackpilled on what any other major party could do in power to be honest. Even with a majority.
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  5. tea


    Give it up for Canada's "universal" Healthcare!
  6. Do people care that our "universal health care" is slowly being dismantled? Hardly anyone seemed to notice when eye exams stopped being covered years ago

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  7. I literally entered a rabbit hole last night reading up on the history of gun control laws in Canada so this was interesting news to see pop up on my timeline today.
  8. "We cannot let the gun debate get so polarized that nothing gets done."

    Savage, Justin.
  9. So who's ready for another 4 years of Ford...

  10. I've been volunteering for my local Liberal candidate these past few weeks, canvassing almost everyday, and the number of apathetic or uneducated people I spoke to was shocking. I'd remind them about the LTC deaths, the lockdowns, the cuts to education, the hospital and surgery backlogs, the housing crisis and how he's planning to cut millions in student loans and health care while building a highway that'll destroy farmland needed to keep our food supply chain shorter and more affordable but...everyone just shrugged? People genuinely believe that Doug Ford is doing an okay job because our Conservative owned media doesn't call him out on anything, and with Del Duca and Horwath hardly inspiring any kind of enthusiasm I guess I shouldn't be surprised

    I also found out about how truly evil and money driven my local MPP is
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  11. tea


    So this happened last week.

    Conservative MPs Laugh at Statistic Showing One-in-Four Canadians Can’t Afford Groceries - The Maple (5 min read)


    In other news Trudeau is considering giving $300 million to a shipyard owned by one of the richest families in Canada.

    The Irving family Halifax shipyard won a multi-billion dollar program in 2011 to construct the country’s new fleets of warships - on the condition that the yard had the capability to build the vessels and taxpayers wouldn’t need to contribute funding to outfit facilities for the task.

    Would be nice if the Trudeau liberals could hold them accountable to their agreement and not give them millions in taxpayer $$!
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