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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Have any of y'all been following the whole Julie Payette scandal? Reports coming out make it seem that she has real anger management and toxicity issues. Trudeau really can't help himself from stepping into shit and encouraging another election with how he handled this appointment and now the short vaccination supply.
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  2. tea


    The condescension... self-determination of Indigenous land is their right. It's not up to settlers in parliament to brush aside "consider" at a later date.

    On a more positive note, BC's Bernie Sanders: MP Peter Julian's bill C-213 for free pharmacare is going to a house vote in the next 30 days.
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  3. I've never seen this comparison made ever but you know what? It makes so much sense.
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  4. tea


    "On the night of Boushie’s death, RCMP officers showed up at his mother’s home, “some with weapons at the ready,” ... After they told Baptiste that her son was dead, they told her to “get it together” and questioned her sobriety, going so far as to smell her breath.

    ...RCMP officers opened Baptiste’s microwave to check that she had put her son’s dinner there as she claimed."

    After starting an investigation in March of 2018, the RCMP destroyed records of police communications in August of 2018. Some other evidence was damaged or destroyed by police.

    Not to mention some of the other recent RCMP cases involving indigenous peoples:

    "Dash-cam footage last year showed RCMP officers tackling an Indigenous chief in Alberta and punching him in the face while arresting him over an expired vehicle registration. Police later dropped the charges against Chief Allan Adam."

    "Bystander video last year showed a police officer running down an Inuk man in Nunavut with the open door of his police truck before arresting him. Marc Miller, Canada’s Indigenous services minister, called the incident 'dehumanizing' and 'disgraceful.' The Ottawa Police Service, asked to investigate the incident, said the use of force was 'lawful.'"

    "Chantel Moore, a 26-year-old Indigenous woman, was shot dead during a wellness check in New Brunswick last year."

    "The RCMP has also faced criticism in recent months for failing to fix what a former Supreme Court justice said in a 2020 report was a culture that’s “toxic and tolerates misogyny and homophobia.” Its widely criticized response to Canada’s worst mass shooting last year is the subject of a public inquiry."

    "Indigenous groups also accused the force of mostly standing idly by last year as White commercial fishermen attacked Mi’kmaq fishers in Nova Scotia."

    "More than one-third of people shot to death by RCMP officers in the decade before 2017 were Indigenous ... Indigenous people make up roughly 5 percent of Canada’s population."
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  5. What a mess and an insane abuse of power. Terrifying that there will be little consequences for the Ford government for this.

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  6. I hate the Ford government so much. They have so much fucking blood on their hands.
  7. tea


    The way increased policing and police deregulation is being implemented "for covid safety measures" as if police weren't already pushing this direction pre-pandemic or as if this has any chance of going away post-pandemic.
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  8. tea


    Not Erin O'Toole speaking out against this as if he would ever do anything substantial to help the working class or stop corporate greed.


    “The Liberals Are Terminating A Study Of Military Sexual Misconduct.” Robert Hiltz.
    After it emerged that chief of the defence staff, Jonathan Vance, allegedly had inappropriate and forbidden relationships with two of his subordinates, the defence committee announced they were conducting an investigation into sexual misconduct in the armed forces. Yet this week, the Liberals voted to shut this investigation down prematurely. Wanting the military and the government to be accountable for their failures seems like a pretty low bar for a functioning democracy, and yet here we are. - Passage

    What the fuck is even going on here on this day.


    “Bill C-15 Is Chance ‘To Actually Break With the Colonial Status Quo.’” Ellen Gabriel, Ricochet.

    Bill C-15 is part of the federal government’s “reconciliation” plan — proposed legislation that aims to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by making sure federal laws recognize Indigenous rights — which is currently in its second reading stage in parliament. - Passage

    *Canada was formed on Nation-to-Nation treaties with Indigenous peoples. However, Canada has never honoured the Indigenous treaties... which by Canada's rules, renders the entire Canadian government illegitimate, and forfeits sovereignty back to Indigenous peoples (as they should illegitimate or not).


    And in Ontario/Doug Ford news...

  9. Well, that’s if you believed the way he sold himself prior to becoming PM. The warning signs for how he’s governed the last 6 years were always there.
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  10. tea


    “If you are anywhere else in Canada and you turn on the tap, then you are protected by safe drinking water regulations,” said Amanda Klasing, a water researcher at Human Rights Watch. “If you live on reserve, no such regulations exist. There are no safe drinking water protections.”

    All water advisories(some decades-long!!!) need to be ended. Clean drinking water should be a guaranteed right for all Canadians, especially with our abundance of fresh water.

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  11. I don’t follow this thread closely, but I just came to say I stan Canada for this!

    I hope many countries (especially Australia, where I am) follow!
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  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    @tea and I talked about the Kamloops story in DMs, but I don’t think it was officially posted here? Here is a link to the original Kamloops story.

    After the Kamloops story emerged, provincial governments provided funding for other First Nations to search residential school sites. Today findings from the Cowessess First Nations in Saskatchewan were revealed.

    Removing headstones can be added to the long list of crimes committed by the Catholic Church.

    It’s so easy for Trudeau to call out a genocide in China, while the government simultaneously flocks to the courts to fight against residential school survivors in Canada.
  13. tea


    This puts the total at 1069 remains, with only 3/140~ schools searched.
  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    JWR was elected as an independent MP after she resigned from the Liberal cabinet over the SNC Lavelin scandal. She is also a member of the Wa Wai Kai First Nation. Carolyn Bennett is the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations.
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  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Apologies for double post- seems inevitable in this thread.

    A Catholic group agreed to turn over their records for BC and Sask residential schools. You can read about it here.
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  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I thought my contempt for Trudeau couldn’t get worse, but this election call proved me wrong. I’m in a riding that’s almost 100% guaranteed to stay conservative. I’m so tired of voting for the only other option (Liberals do not exist where I live) and never seeing my riding flip.

    Are any of you in contested ridings? What priority issues are you voting on?
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  17. I'm out of the loop this time around to be honest. I was confused as to why he chose to hold an election now of all times? I saw someone say it's cause they want a majority to pass certain Covid bills? Don't know if that's true or not.

    I wish it was a provincial election instead cause I want Ford out.
  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    The official reason given out was that Canadians should have a say in who leads them through the rest of the pandemic. Maybe there are certain Covid bills they want to pass, but I’m a lot more cynical. Justin wants his majority government back and he perceives that the other parties are weak financially or leadership wise.

    Surely Ontario should have an election on the horizon? I feel like it’s been a decade since Ford took office.
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