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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Yeah I would not be surprised if that was the reason to be honest.

    And it definitely feels like a decade! But it's only been three years.
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  2. I'm in a conservative-leaning area and tend to vote Liberal out of strategy (ideologically I would like to vote NDP or Green). It is kind of frustrating how the centre-left vote gets split - just another reason why we need electoral reform.
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  3. My riding is consistently Bloc (except for that year where they all flipped NDP) so I always feel like my vote is a little pointless. Bloc tends to have some decent ideas that get completely overshadowed by how aggressively anti-rest-of-Canada they are. I'm a public servant who's still reeling from the Harper years so I tend to vote Liberal as the option that feels safer to my livelihood, but I do wish more people would consider giving the other parties a shot (I'm not that great at keeping informed but I feel like NDP did decently as the official opposition?).
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  4. R92


    Ayyyy finally got my citizenship so I can vote in the upcoming election! I’m pretty sure my riding has been solid Liberal for eons now so maybe I can feel comforted in being able to vote NDP without feeling like I’m risking a vote.
  5. The true Canadian dream!
    And congrats on your citizenship!
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  6. If the conservatives take power just cause this overconfident dumbass thought the best time to call an election was in the middle of a pandemic i'm gonna be livid.
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  7. So what you're telling me is that centrist politicians are incompetent anywhere in the world.

  8. Made my strategic vote last night. We really need proportional representation.

    Also, coworker and I were talking about the PPC, so I decided to pull up their website. I lol'd.
  9. Liberals are dumb and useless our voting system is awful conservatives are maintaining popularity and my riding is going green while the NDP candidate is in a race to the bottom with two fringe candidates
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  10. The way I hate to vote NDP because I know our system is so fucked and it won't matter in the end.

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  11. tea


    The way none of the major parties have a climate plan that does enough to meet the scale of the climate crisis.
  12. Screaming at this kiss of death!

  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Same. My greatest wish is that at least one riding in my province flips to the NDP. I would even take a liberal, that’s how desperate I am (but nobody here votes liberal so good luck with that Justin). Just one, maybe two. I don’t want to live in a sea of blue.

    Honest to god I’ve read that some people here are voting for the PPC because they’re angry at the provincial government for implementing mask mandates and vaccine passports. If it picks off enough votes from the conservatives to give a seat to a different party, I guess I’ll take it? Although sadly it will probably happen in ridings where the conservatives will get only 85% of the vote instead of 90%.
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  14. Alright i've just sat down to watch this shitshow.
  15. Polls closing now in many ridings across the country. I think the Liberals will narrowly squeak by a win. Trudeau really blew this election.
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  16. They just projected a liberal win. I honestly did not think it would be this early.
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