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Capulets - Act One (Xenomania + Florrie)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jackooh, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Act One is out now.

    This is a new Xenomania band with Sarah Thompson, Florrie and Toby Scott.

    1. Annie
    2. XO
    3. Community Centre

    Definitely my favourite Xenomania material of recent times.
  2. This is very good. I wasn't too keen on Annie, but XO and Community Centre are strong. I think XO is nicer lyrically, but the sound of Community Centre is my favourite - very bombastic and classic Xenomania.
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  3. I quite like Annie and Community Centre, but it seems like a little waste to have Florrie in a band and have her maybe sing a couple of lines on one song (I can't tell if it actually is her nn). Also literally no one has mentioned the release anywhere, not even Xenomania themselves.
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  4. I love it! All 3 songs are great. I’d like Act Two from them soon.. and I also hope they don’t fall prey to the Xenomania curse.

    Speaking of Xenomania curses, I still want Florrie to release her own music as well.
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  5. Good to have Florrie back, rebranding as a band could be good for her lol
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  6. Having played the EP multiple times today, I can say for sure that Annie is their best song and I hope there are more songs that sound like it. I think Sarah’s vocals on Annie are top notch. Florrie’s contrast supporting and middle-8 section also works well with Sarah’s vocals on Annie.

    XO and Community Centre are good too, but we’ve heard songs like these so many times before.
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  7. I love the whole EP! A nice little surprise. I do think Florrie's voice should have been more prominent, but whoever sings the main vocals has a great voice.
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  8. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    This is far and away the best thing Xenomania have been involved in since Go To Work.
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  9. It’s a nice little EP, nothing groundbreaking but the songwriting is solid. XO is very catchy and has lodged itself firmly in my head over the last few years.

    The roll-out is strange, though. Where are the videos they shot last year?
  10. XO is great!
  11. This is an unexpected blessing
  12. Artists stop changing songs once you've released them challenge.
  13. Yeah, they've definitely cut a bit out, because the first time I listened I thought it was weird they'd given Florrie two lines randomly 2/3 of the way through the song. Guess they solved that problem nn
  14. Yup Florrie definitely had 2 lines before but they're now gone, in the video as well. I did think they felt out of place...

    The video meanwhile, err... Doesn't do much though it's nice to see Florrie again I suppose.
  15. Act Two coming out next week.
  16. How on earth did the song change on my iTunes though? I’d bought the song on the day of its release and listened to it at least 20 times since then. Now, suddenly, its changed on my iTunes as well! What the hell?
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  17. It is a bit scary that Apple can reach into my laptop and change my file. I've not even saved the file in the default music folder. Does anyone have the original file? Supraphonline lists the original file with 4:22 run-time. But I just bought it again and the file that downloaded had a 3:59 run-time.
  18. Mine is still the original but my guess is some update will change it over the night. Hoping not though because I like the contrast of her voice coming in to give added texture to the song!
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  19. Thank the stars for this forum. I just went through a whole hour-long ordeal locating a copy of the original version of the song on my various devices, backed it up in about 5 different places, and then edited the metadata so iTunes would treat it as a different song. Yeesh... Why can't they just release a "New Version"?? I wonder why it was so crucial to edit Florrie out... Did that make or break the song to them?
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