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Capulets - Act One (Xenomania + Florrie)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jackooh, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Keep 20 different backups of the song. It’s both worrying and scary that this sort of thing can happen. Now I’m paranoid - what if more songs have changed and I haven’t even realised it. I just spent the last few hours listening to a lot of songs I haven’t heard in ages to check if they are as I remember them.

    Also, I do wonder if Sarah felt a bit intimidated by Florrie’s presence on the song. Surely, Florrie is a bigger deal than Sarah (in her own little universe).
  2. So does anyone have a good quality version of the original because it'd be appreciated nn
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  3. Stranger Love from Act Two is coming tomorrow (midnight local time). It's cut from the same cloth as the songs on Act One... reminds me of a mix between Annie and XO.

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  4. It’s a nice song, but

    1. I wish Florrie had some vocal contribution. Her backing vocals are barely audible and I’m guessing there’s some vocal effect at the end of the song that’s her - but you can barely tell it’s her.

    2. It’s so short!
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  5. The verses are fantastic. I can see what they were trying to do with the chorus but I almost feel like the song deserves a better one...

    And yeah, I can’t hear Florrie on this at all.
  6. Stranger Love is their best song so far for me.
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  7. I want more from these I’m loving everything so far.
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  8. Totally love Capulets' work so far! My favourite from their four tracks available is "Annie", I totally love it. But overall, everything is very good.
    Also, I see many people saying their version of "Annie" was modified. Indeed, the iTunes store in my country has also changed the track, but my purchased file remains the one that lasts 4:22. I wonder how the heck did they manage to shift versions between the purchased files too. Just in case, I saved several copies so I won't lose the original version.
    On a different note, wasn't a new song supposed to be released by these days? As far as I'm concerned, the band announced it through their Instagram as of one week after the release of "Strange Love", but I lost track of it and haven't found a newer release of them. Hope we can get Act Two and a couple more tracks before the year ends.
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  9. Stranger Love is their best offer so far and it slaps in the car.
    I think it’s a conscious decision to have Florrie play second fiddle in the band (removed vocal incident considered). If I were the vocalist I’d feel a bit intimidated by her built-in fan base too (as modest as it is).
  10. Stranger Love is wonderful.
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  12. Sarah is being spiteful! But whatever.. I have t heard it yet.
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  13. I like the sound of Pushing, but they're going to have to go some to top Stranger Love for me. It's become one of my songs of the year.
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  14. Wow Stranger Love.
  15. Wow the middle 8 in Pushing.
  16. Do you also use Apple Music streaming service? Or have iTunes Match turned on?

    Not that either would be a definite explanation but I’m just curious. I don’t use Apple Music and experimented with a few of iTunes services (I can’t even remember what it was to be honest) but it wanted to screw around with my library so now I just use iTunes like it’s 2005, doing everything manually and using none of their “features”.
  17. I didn’t pay much attention to their first EP but really enjoy stranger love.
  18. I'm loving everything they are releasing! 'Pushing' is amazing
  19. Act Two is out now (basically, Sweet Enough completes the 3-song EP). It’s a great track.
  20. I've loved every single one of their songs so far. 'Stranger Love' is probably my favourite, but 'Sweet Enough' is incredible too - especially with a bit more Florrie.
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