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Capulets - Act One (Xenomania + Florrie)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jackooh, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. New single "Co-star" coming at midnight local time. It's great - very much inline with the previous two EPs.

  2. The snippet on their Instagram sounds amazing
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  3. I’ve played it thrice. It’s an ok song. They’ve had better on their last 2 EPs. They should have added Florrie’s vocals in the middle-8 for some much needed change.

    Also, how long do we all have to endure the 3-minute track-lengths before the trend passes?
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  4. Right! I couldn't agree more. At least this one clocks in right at 3 minutes though.
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  5. Another stupendous melancholy synth dream.
  6. Week. Made. I was literally wondering last week if we would hear from them ever again.
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  7. Do you guys really think it's that good? I like it, but I really think they've had better songs on their earlier EPs.

    Plus, the run-time really bothers me! I just cannot understand labels'/producers'/artists' need to have songs that run only up 2:58 or 3:05 minutes. It's not like Capulets are getting massive airplay/streams. So why bother conforming to the most nonsensical norm of the industry today?

    I mean, on one hand, you have Roisin Murphy who really needs to shave a couple of minutes off all her recent songs. And then you have all these other artists who just can't get to the 4-minute mark. Ridiculous and annoying!
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  8. If anyone's still checking for this, new song out at midnight local time "You, Me & Her". It's a little more chill than their previous releases, a slight retro/disco feel in places that Xenomania have sometimes dabbled with.

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  9. I'll have to wait till midnight to listen to this. But I am excited - the preview sounded good! I was hoping we'd get a Florrie song too. She's supposed to be releasing more solo music this year.
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  10. This is wonderful. I’ve adored every track thus far.
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  11. Can someone help me with the lyrics to Sweet Enough, please?

    Keep his name upon my lips
    Cos he's got the power of a scientist
    And our love is only [Frankenstein-like (?)]

    We got a little more ice to break
    So I'm turning up that centigrade
    And he's got to give his heart when I give mine

    My sugar-coated boy, now he's ready for me
    My sugar-coated love is enamoured by me
    I'm saving all my sins for my one and only
    My sugar-coated love, my sugar-coated love
    Cos I can't get it sweet enough

    Midnight show [(??)]
    Yeah, this got the power of a movie kiss
    There's no complications, all black and white

    He's got the sweetest lips to taste
    So I get it to thank every day
    And he's got to give his heart when I give mine

    There's a method in the madness
    There's a fire in my mind
    Sinner in the congregation
    [(??) last in line(??)]
    And I'll be here wishing I was sleeping
    But I'm taking way too much
    It's the way my heart is beating
    But I could never get enough

    My sugar-coated boy, now he's ready for me
    My sugar-coated love is enamoured by me
    I'm saving all my sins for my one and only
    My sugar-coated love, my sugar-coated love
    Cos I can't get it sweet enough
  12. REally love this atm.
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  13. Why did they make the music video for Annie private?
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  15. No problem!

    I find it strange that 'Annie' got pulled and replaced with a Florrie-less version, and now the music video is delisted on Youtube...
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  16. Editing Florrie out was a bad idea. It was petty - almost felt like they used the Florrie version only to get Florrie fans to buy the song and the EP and then got rid of her from the main version because she’s still releasing music on her own.

    That said, Capulets actually make nice music. If Florrie is never going to release “Go” I’d rather a Capulets version with Florrie on the verses and Sarah doing the chorus.
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  17. "Wait" out at midnight.

    It's pretty much more of the same (they definitely have a sound developing for themselves which they don't seem to deviate from much, for better or worse) but it's decent enough, and if you enjoyed their releases this far, you'll like this.
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  18. I wonder if they've gone from EPs to singles now. Given that this is the third single that is being released already - I don't think there will be an Act Three?

    Anyway, I look forward to the song.
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  19. Probably. Since their monthly listeners are quite low it seems smart to do that as releasing regular singles helps build streams and an audience - both organically and through the platform's own algorithms. I'm surprised they haven't followed the pattern of other artists where each new single includes the previous ones as that would benefit them too.
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