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Cardi B - 2nd Album (TBD)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. We’re going on five years since Invasion, like, whaaat are you doing Belcalis?
  2. Nicki & Cardi have been subbing each other for the past… 5 years at this point fjjdksksk. Nicki likes shady tweets about Cardi, Cardi reacts, & all of their friends get involved. The latest messes started with the Super Freaky Girl remix. I cant even remember the full details at this point but I think it started with Akbar V picking a fight with Cardi, Asian Doll getting mad that she wasn’t on the remix, Nicki calling everyone duds, & JT having a rift with Cardi because she’s now BFFs with Nicki.

    It’s been 500 layers of mess. A few weeks ago, someone in Nicki’s camp was spreading rumors that Saweetie slept with Offset & Azealia gaslighted Nicki into believing Cardi’s grandmother was doing voodoo on her. Like… The more I type this out the more insane it sounds.
  3. This is really the Rap Girl Civil War.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Just thanking god Doja is too unserious to get involved nn
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  6. Cardi, whose sophomore album has been in the works for several years, is rumored to be performing on the American Music Awards on Sunday.

    Guess she's joining GloRilla?
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  7. I would love a Cooking With Cardi YouTube video for the kiis but only if she wears those nails for it.

  8. She says the album is for sure coming in the new year. Her label has given her an ultimatum so the heat is on her.
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  9. This is so like... UGH. The way we should be onto her 3rd album cycle at this moment. Why is she like this.
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  10. I’m bored now.
  11. ADM


    She couldn't sound any less assuring that it's even near ready.
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  12. It really is wild to think we’re coming up in five years. In some ways it doesn’t feel so long because the album had legs and both WAP and Up were their own huge moments, but whew. Never would have imagined it would take this long.
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  13. Everything she put out this year failed to really connect aside from Tomorrow 2 (which is huge especially on YouTube in the US and just entered top 40 on radio). Hot Shit flopped, the No Love remix failed to chart even with a video, and Shake It kind of just came and went... so I can see why her label is putting the pressure on to get a proper campaign together. Radio still loves her, so they really just need to commit to rollout and get on with it. She tweeted a while ago about touring next year as well so there must be some tentative plans in place. I could see her bringing Glorilla out as her opener.

    It'll be pretty wild if we get proper big album eras from Nicki, Cardi, Doja, and Meg in 2023.
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  14. The way I am secretly hoping for a big female rap tour. Megan and Cardi co-headline, City Girls and GloRilla opening.
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