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Cardi B - 2nd Album (TBD)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Loving the 90's squeak synth in the background.
  2. This is such a 90s hip-hop jam. Love it.
  3. RMK


    Not good. Just like Money, I'll skip this one.
  4. Very, very 90's. I'm bopping. The basura line had me cackling/transported to 7th grade Spanish where I was always told to put my goma.
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  5. This is a bop and Cardi sounds really good on this type of song, even if it does feel pretty Bruno by-the-numbers at this point.

    I feel like her second era is going to be so huge, I'm looking forward to seeing where she can go.
  6. Now this is what I call promo!
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    chicle you flop
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  8. Can’t help but think it sounds at look like this Ace Tee song...? Very similar vibe.

  9. Hmm. Money was a bop, but Please Me is very boring. It sounds like something that would’ve been released a few years ago.
  10. This song is... underwhelming. I went back to it today and everything about it feels phoned in, from the boring hook to the tepid verses. Radio is absolutely hammering it (pop + rhythmic adds have been massive since Friday), but the streaming numbers aren't what I expected from a Cardi/Bruno collab. It's #18 on Spotify US and #5 on Apple Music. I'm sure it'll still do great numbers as it peaks on radio + a video drops, but I'm a bit surprised at them deciding to push this seemingly as the lead to her 2nd album.
  11. Really hoping "Money" and "Please Me" give way to a better third single.
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  12. They're both just okay and pale in comparison to even the smaller hits of her debut, what is her A&R smoking.
  13. Yeah, I thought this was absolutely smash on impact and I love the song, but seeing the streaming numbers are a bit concerning especially Spotify. I'm sure the music video will propel it.
  14. I think it's all been too much too quickly...and the quality, frankly, just isn't there. Money missed the top 10, this song is serving less-than-amazing streams considering how big Cardi and Bruno are, etc. Bodak and I Like It were obvious smashes. The first time I heard I Like It, I knew it could be an easy #1 and that seemed to be unanimous across the board. Those songs were undeniable. The run of Taki Taki, Money, and now this have all been wildly underwhelming.
  15. I don’t think they’re worried about it, honestly. Even being underwhelming, the place Cardi and Bruno are at it’ll smash at some point or have longevity. Money and this new song are basically high profile promo singles- I think her team is just trying to keep momentum going until new album is ready.
    Quality wise I feel like these two songs in the context of an album will sound great! Perched for a video!
    Plus they shouldn’t rush it, Cardi fever is at all time high so might as well soak it in and don’t become overexposed too fast
  16. I mean she's obviously still doing incredibly well, but I don't think this will necessarily turn into a #1 smash. The reaction has been largely very tepid, aside from at radio where it's being hammered based on their names alone. People said Money would become a #1 hit when that video dropped, and then it moved up to #17 on the Hot 100 (having already peaked at #13) and stalled again. The video for that is still at less than 50M views. If they're not ready with an album, I don't think it's necessarily wise to be releasing these singles - she has enough features floating around to sustain her presence on urban radio (Thotiana Remix, Twerk, Backin It Up) that they don't need solo singles unless they're leading to an album. I thought someone said the plan was to drop a new record in the first quarter, but I may be wrong.
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  17. I mean... in the US this is currently #2 on iTunes, #4 on Apple Music, #6 on YouTube (with no music video), and #18 on Spotify. Trying to paint the response as tepid is kind of a reach.
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  18. Tepid for Cardi/Bruno. Like I said, she's still doing incredibly well - they're good numbers. But they aren't as massive as I think a lot of people (likely including her team) expected for these two artists dropping a new single the week after she won a Grammy - their last single was massive. Finesse debuted at #1 on Streaming Songs, and this one is at #18 on Spotify and #4 on Apple Music within just a few days. Not a disaster, but the initial response isn't overwhelming by any means.
  19. Part of the reason Finesse debuted at #1 on streaming songs was that the music video was launched alongside the song. I agree that the numbers aren’t earth-shattering by any means but this should easily debut in the top 10 without a video, I don’t necessarily agree that her team would’ve (or at least should’ve) been expecting much more than that after Money missed the top 10 altogether.
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