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Cardi B - 2nd Album (TBD)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Ummm gross. She has it so unthinkably easy right now and is making it really hard.
  2. What's most shocking is how inept Kanye sounds on this.
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  3. No one said anything when the song came out so I doubt this will gain any traction.
  4. The fact that Lizzo was genuinely unaware of the word she used and got her ass handed to her 100x worse than was necessary, meanwhile Cardi is leaning into a word that is far more widely known to be a slur that she was already dragged for using previously... yikes
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  5. This debuts at #6 on US Spotify and #27 global. In the US it's also at #6 on Apple Music and #3 on iTunes.
  6. On day 2, this falls out of the top 50 on Global Spotify, slides to #11 on the US chart.
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  7. No.
  8. Drop it. As in drop it from the release schedule.
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  9. This is down to #50 on US Spotify and #38 on Apple Music in the US, pretty shit for a major single from Cardi and Kanye. Urban and Rhythmic radio are giving it huge updates though so the video coming out late may work in its favor and boost it on streaming a bit.
  10. WAP and Up were my most played songs of the last two years respectively so an electric fence couldn't have stopped me from perching on her Spotify page. It's quite literally one of the worst BPG lead singles i've ever heard. Like... how did the quality control tank this hard. I'm sad! Even a little mad!
  11. To be fair, the other less-hyped stuff she put out over the last two years was pretty shit and very much in line with this single (see: her Bruised soundtrack song and the DJ Khalid collab). She just isn't great on straight-forward rap tracks. She excels when she's leaning into fun/absurdity more like on WAP and Up.
  12. “I know y’all been waiting on the Hot Shit video”

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  13. Sorry for the abrev but LMAO
  14. Asking "should I drop the video later today (Saturday) or Monday" only for it to be released Tuesday instead nn
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  15. Do we think that's even Kanye under the mask...
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