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Cardi B - 2nd Album (TBD)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. The wardrobe is insane. The Empire State set up was kinda a missed opportunity. The No Tears Left to Cry physics felt, well, reductive.
  2. A day late and a dollar short.
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  3. I'm so sick of CGI.
  4. Objectively it’s a great visual but hardly her best. Plus the song is so shit I lost interest halfway through.
  5. Her budget and visuals stay on-point, but I don't see it helping this smash. It's not going to be the moment (like WAP and Up), but honestly that bar isn't attainable/realistic every time. I have faith in Belcalis (and her insatiable drive to smash) that bigger/better things are coming. hopefully soon dddd...
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  6. I think she already mentioned having a follow-up ready? I assume the muted reaction to this will lead them to push something a little more fun next.
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  7. I even like her parts and all and it would be ok on an album but as a single it just doesn't hit.

    And yes ban CGI for a while. Or make it really really great.
  8. No good. Not the song or visual.
  9. After WAP & Up, this song has really killed Cardi's momentum for me for the time being. Easily the biggest "miss" in her career so far.

    What a waste of a comeback single. It's incredibly weak & lifeless and goes nowhere.
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  10. I love her parts of the visual but the song is really, really weak.
  11. The animators and costume designers did a great job. The stars, pass.
  12. The thing is the song would be a good Album track but that’s all it should have been and nothing more .
  13. The obvious body double for Kanye not showing up pffttttttttttt
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  14. Urban and rhythmic radio are eating this up; it'll be top 50 on overall US radio in a few days. It's falling everywhere else, so it'll be interesting to see how it holds up on Billboard and how far radio can push it. It's currently #41 on Apple Music and #74 on Spotify, where she normally has a chokehold on streaming. The video has only racked up 7.4M views in over a week, too.
  15. Was her Wireless set not discussed? I just watched and whew. The complete command over that audience was insane. I need her to move on from Hot Shit, get that album out, and announce a tour ASAP.

  16. I heard it was amazing from friends who went but wow she really did not let up! It's great to see the continued goodwill - the crowd obviously adore her. We need feeding now though.
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  17. Hot shit just played on YouTube after all of Renaissance ( autoplay first played Ciara and Jessie ware so taste) and it was my first time listening and seeing the video and I can’t remember Cardi missing this bad… ever? The song is one beat with no hooks and the video is more of a cgi mess than most marvel movies. Hope she comes back with better
  18. But she kept the straights happy LOL
  19. Solo version:
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  20. I don't understand her plan for this album at all. WAP and UP had a lot of hype, and Hot Shit just isn't it - it's not really going anywhere is it? I don't know what she's waiting for but how she could have thought that Hot Shit would reignite the campaign and maintain interest is beyond me.
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