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Cardi B - "Hot Shit" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. She’s the only artist whose label paid for the certifications by the RIAA. They’re not automatic like they are in the UK. Artists like Beyoncé are extremely under certified in the US for that reason.
  2. I'm obsessed with Cardi's corny lines in Summe Walker's song with SZA.

  3. What on earth is she waiting for? Seriously.
  4. At this point it would silly for them to tack Up and WAP onto the album whenever it does come out. They’ll probably still do it to help streaming numbers for the record but it sucks she wasn’t able to ride the wave of those two songs into a full album release.
  5. I'd be really sad if WAP doesn't end up on an album.
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  6. I'll be shocked if she doesn't tack them on. Though, I honestly thought she'd have something out by now... at this point, WAP is nearly two years old and Up is over a year old. I'm sure the next proper single she drops will have the same support/launch as those two and be similarly huge, but not riding the wave of those two smashes feels like a big missed opportunity.
  7. She deleted her social media after arguing with fans over why she didn't attend the Grammys. The fans were, not surprisingly, being gross and bringing her kids into it. She replied to one fan, "I hope your mom dies."

  8. I really do love Cardi and I’ve always enjoyed her social media presence but I just think she’s too hot headed and too famous to be running her own socials at this point. Not at all condoning the vile shit stans say to artists online, but if it’s going to get under your skin like that, you’re better off just not seeing it. I think even the most mild mannered person would lose it at some point. I certainly would. I hope she has someone else step in to handle all of that for her moving forward. I know that her being the one that actually runs her own accounts is part of her brand in a way, but it’s not doable anymore.
  9. New collaboration out on Friday!

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  10. Soon come... the new soon.
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  11. All this is giving "there's no album", to be honest.
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  12. Seriously. She’s been working on this album for close to 3 years now. You’re telling me in that time there hasn’t been an albums worth of songs or potential hits? I highly doubt that.
  13. Given the amount of Cardi ref/pitch tracks that have leaked recently, there's certainly enough quality material for a concise sophomore album.
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  14. I'd imagine that if reference tracks are leaking they're going to either scrap or rework those tracks. They'll want to avoid the persistent "Cardi doesn't write her raps" criticism after reference tracks from the last album leaked. If anything, that type of thing could delay the album even longer.
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  15. The first album is obviously casting a shadow on this, and they're trying to put out something as huge, but honestly even if the quality wasn't as strong just throwing an album out on the back of WAP/UP would of secured it's success in numbers and would then allow them to just move on the 3rd album without the pressures of sophomore slump. She's set herself up now with this delay.
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