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Cardi B - "Hot Shit" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. This is the definition of great gowns, beautiful gowns. GIVE US AN ALBUM BELCALIS.
  2. Apparently she had a DJ beat up for trolling/playing Nicki songs at a club last night ddd.

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  3. Imagine if she used her platform to release music.
  4. A Cardi single for the summer is always perfect—please let it bring with it news of the album, though…
  5. So she confirmed today that WAP and Up will be on the album.

  6. She should tack on Money as a bonus for the streams. The Grammy performance lives rent-free.
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  7. We need the next single immediately.
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  8. New single set for June 17th according to Page Six. I wonder if this is the rumoured Kanye collaboration?

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  9. What is the fucking hold uuuuupppp!?!!?!?!!!!
  10. Apparently the music video’s being edited.
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  11. I mean, you wouldn’t feel the need to remind everyone if we got more than 1/2 songs per year. Get a move on already.
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  12. New Cardi within the same week as new Bey. I didn't know you could kill the deceased but here we are. Decimate my corpse queens!
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  13. When it’s a Reebok
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  14. New Whip Shot flavours here we come!
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