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Cardi B - "Hot Shit" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Well Kanye just killed all my excitement.
  2. Yaaah, Up is firmly in my top 5 from last year so I was more than fine with the "TikTok bops", this 'masculine' (really Cardi?) sound probably won't be for me.
  3. I smell another Press coming aka a throwaway song with an expensive looking video that'll ultimately go unnoticed.
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  4. I read some pages calling it the lead single from the sophomore album I... hope she's not treating two #1 like bonus or orphaned tracks in favour of a *shudder* Kanye song.
  5. She confirmed a while ago that both WAP and Up will be on the album... whenever that may come.

    I feel like it was originally rumored that Money/Press would be on an Invasion of Privacy deluxe physical that never ended up happening(?). I think WAP probably really was intended to be the lead and I still can't figure out why they didn't have an album ready to go with Up.
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  6. Yeah, "Money" and "Press" showed up on pre-order listings for a deluxe that never materialized. Cardi herself hinted at it as well and said she was adding a handful of extra tracks to it.
  7. I will never get over how she probably released the biggest hit she will ever have, a song that became a cultural touchstone and lightning rod for conversation, and did not have an album ready to go off the back of it.

    I was excited for this, but Kanye? She can keep it.
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  8. Nicki energy
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  9. This should be the lead single for album number three. What on Earth is she waiting for? A smash? She’s had two back to back and still nothing. I fear the ship is beginning to sail for her as a musician as the hype generated from WAP/Up is long gone.

    In her absence from music she’s been building her profile as a celebrity and business woman so I wouldn’t be shocked if she starts throwing out a single a year and doesn’t bother with an album.
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  10. The cover is a great reference but including Kanye, calling it a “masculine” song and whatever tomfoolery will come next has me less interested!
  11. Whoever is telling those girls to stop making music for gays and sexy girls and to instead release music males can listen to... haha lol
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  12. The addicted gays and sexy girls streaming numbers don't lie! We make these acts and buy those touring tix.
  13. So ...... her 15 mins are Up? adaskajdkjasf....

    I'm bummed about the Kanye feature too, but sis ...... She's been one of (if not thee) biggest name in rap, broken records, topped charts and been part of the zeitgeist since 2018. She's established. Her "ship" will be just fine.
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  14. Cardi will undoubtedly be a massive name for years to come, but she has done herself no favors with this release gap since Up. Second album should have been out in summer 2021 at the absolute latest.
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  15. I mean, Press and Money looked rocky in comparison to the Invasion of Privacy singles but then WAP and Up smashed. She'll be fine with the right material.

    That said, nothing is guaranteed... just look at Post Malone's sales decline. I think the more false starts she has, the more people lose a bit of interest. But she definitely isn't in a dire situation. This song will likely smash on streaming.
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  16. Let's be thankful her Avon era hasn't begun....


  17. I’d be inclined to agree with you but nothing is promised. As mentioned, big names such as Post Malone are experiencing big declines and he makes music for the people Cardi is pushing this song towards. I’ll be very happy to eat my words but I think she’ll go the Queen Latifah route and become more of an entertainer than a performer.

    It’s been proved time and time again in the streaming era that big breaks derail momentum. That said, if she comes with a 10/10 she probably will be fine.

    Im just so desperate for the album to finally come now dddd
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  18. Rob


    Releasing on July 1st? Cardi really said Pride Month is over.
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  19. I think Cardi will be fine. Her presence is far bigger than Post Malone’s. He’s very lowkey.
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