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Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LA Hallucinations, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Her major label debut single, which is currently at #78 on the Hot 100 and blowing up quickly:

    Recently performed on Wendy:

  2. There's something so endearing about her and she's always been a fav on L&HH.

    Her flow is tight too.
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  3. Obsessed with this track. My trap bop of the summer.
  4. Love Cardi B! Ive been bopping to this all week!
  5. Me and my friend were hotboxing to this the other day. She's just too incredible: that masterful mixture of personality, style, and flow.
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  6. I've been playing this a lot, a nice bop and feels like its on the cusp of taking off. Up to 49 on the Hot 100 this week, sitting in the top 40 on iTunes and it's climbing nicely on Urban radio. The video's getting a lot of views to. Great to see more women in rap breaking through. Even if she did turn Azealia down dddd.
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  7. I've only seen bits of her on Instagram but there's something so... exciting? about her. Like she's got the potential to be genuinely big if she doesn't fuck it up. I love her voice.
  8. I saw her saying that her biggest dream is to have a Top 10 single (Not #1 as most people spend their entire career chasing) and it's so endearing to see her inching closer to achieving that dream. I'm rooting for her.
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  9. I agree. There's definitely a window of opportunity for new female rappers to breakthrough and crossover, providing labels don't fuck it up. This is a great picture.
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  10. I'm so glad she's actually kind of happening, that's so funny and deserved.

    For anyone who follows her social media: "Niggas can't hug me all summer '17. I smell like a... a gyro! Oh my God." I was dying of laughter.
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  11. gyro as in the greek food?
  12. This queen

  13. After a few years of watching her evolution, it's nice to see that she remains never short on eccentricity; she was made for our times.
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  14. Yes sir, haha.
  15. Too great:
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  16. Bodak Yellow gets saved by her flow. The beat is meh.

    She's got a ton of potential though. Also responsible for one of my favourite tweets of all time:

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  17. It's coming, girls.

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  18. She was the MVP Love and Hip Hop had for the past two years so I'm so happy to see the rest of the world is waking up and recognising her.
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  19. The only reason I even watch New York anymore.
  20. She won't be back for season 8 this year unfortunately.
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