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Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LA Hallucinations, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Well consider me gooped. G.U.Y. intro teas
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  2. To be fair, Cardi said it was all her, but Ali made a comment back when the album was released that it was her singing, so. I think they just blended the two.
  3. Cardi making herstory as the first solo woman to win best rap album ever is incredible! It's insane that it took so long for a solo woman to win, but damn what a great end to this massive era for Cardi! Truly, not just the cherry on top, but the whole fucking sundae!

    Someone check on Nicki's blood pressure. stat.
  4. My boyfriend:
    -Did Carnaby B win any awards?
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  5. Between I Like It at the AMAs and Money last night, is it safe to say Cardi is the best performer we’ve ever had out of the Big Rap Girls? She’s such a fucking star.
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  6. fff she truly has had the die-hard Barbz pressed today. It'd be funny if it wasn't so depressing.
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  7. It’s almost insane how good she is at performing so early in her career. We rarely see someone (in any genre) come out of the gate with that much conviction. Say what you want about her skills as a rapper, but it’s obvious this shit is about more than just how well she can write and flow over a beat. She’s out to take over the world. You can tell she puts her all into what she does and that she’s not comfortable resting on her laurels.
  8. It's really cool to see. She really is the whole package and delivers.
  9. I absolutely love Cardi's hunger and determination to persevere. She's unstoppable, and I wish her continued success.
  10. Dreams do come true.

  11. Is Nicki still with us? Anybody checked on her?
  12. I can’t believe Cardi(‘s stylist) got Thierry Mugler to open the archives. He’s apparently incredibly picky about who he’s willing to lend pieces to. The only other artists he’s done it for are Beyoncé and Gaga. Gaga’s is more impressive since she was also in the middle of her debut era... so it’s been a decade.
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  13. She's fine. Why do y'all keep comparing Cardi's achievements to Nicki?
  14. My first thought was I'm surprised Gaga didn't utilise this for the ARTPOP seashell era, but Cardi made it her own for sure.
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  15. A lot of designers turned their backs on Gaga during ARTPOP and weren’t willing to lend her outfits, which is why she wore nothing but Versace nn
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  16. But honestly what a serve

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  17. Cuz y'all have done it from the jump, be gone.
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  18. I've been thinking about her Mugler moment all day.
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  19. I don't let one's success define another's. Sorry, be gone.
  20. You wasted 0 time posting Nicki trying to sic her fans on BET and today is the first time I've ever seen you post
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