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Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LA Hallucinations, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. This type of internet troll that always goes 'but the other person!!!' needs to die.
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  2. I'm just so happy for her, she has such a contagious spirit and it translates into her music. 'Invasion of Privacy' might not be an innovative, forward-thinking rap album but it never pretended to be - it's an excellent, incredibly addictive record that oozes charisma and talent, each track is a hit. So very well deserved award and looking forward to what she does next.
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  3. How bizarrely fickle.

    Living for all the icons and legends coming out in support of her. Poor Onika.
  4. I thought that she spent the entirety of the ARTPOP era wearing Alexander Wang's Balenciaga.
  5. The fashion world.... fickle?
  6. No, we wish.
  7. Official performance upload!

  8. FINALLY! She is such a Big Pop Girl at heart. Choreo, drama, lewks, a production.
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  9. She really should've opened the Grammys with that. Also that's one of few times I've ever seen a rapper commit fully to performing a clean edit of their song? Usually they just let the censors take care of it
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  10. She was lipping, probably so she didn’t slip up and so the censors didn’t ruin the performance.
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  11. Be Careful really deserved to be a bigger smash.
  12. Yaaaas. Now release "BBQ."
  13. Money is the best thing she’s released since Bodak Yellow, it’s such an undeniable banger. And that Grammy’s performance really solidified her superstardom for me. This is a defining moment in her career.

    Also, I didn’t even know Money existed until her performance and just heard it on the radio for the first time afterwards so hopefully that brought it to the forefront of the GP’s attention as well and it charts where it deserves. I know it came out ages ago but I think people were still riding the wave of I Like It.
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  14. "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."'s 2019.
  15. FYI this forum hates it for some reason. I don't know why. It's an enormous, titanic BOP
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  16. K94


    Coming to snapiana
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  17. this...what the fuckk...
  18. It’s probably to suppress / boost US-only streams (via cheeky VPNS) for the Hot 100?
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