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Cardi B - "Up" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. I literally screamed.
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  2. I love her!
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  3. She's not wrong though...
    Bacon and Egg Grease had me howling
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  4. The fact that WAP blocked Drake's new song from debuting at #1 on Spotify and that it might block him from getting another #1 on Billboard too is pretty massive and a true pop justice
  5. DAP dhskanabagxjdvava

    An inventor
  6. Nothing gives me WAP like seeing women surpass men like this.
  7. Women Against Predators (and Eminem). We love to see it.

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  9. Officially number 1 on billboard congrats ladies !

  10. The fact that FOUR female rappers have hit #1 this year (two of them twice) is just incredible.

    Looks like they have #1 on lock for next week, as well. Still #1 on Spotify + it just returned to #1 on iTunes. The only place that Drake is ahead is Apple Music (he's #1, WAP is #2).
  11. Lana Del Rey found fuming!
  12. "I'm addicted to WAP."
    - dontkillmyvibe, a little bit less homosexual.
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  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Cardi and Megan should start calling themselves WAPpers instead.
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  15. I feel like WAP is the only organic #1 song this year (w/ longevity) besides "The Box". Ah, that's PopJustice.
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  16. I'm so glad to be witnessing the beginning of her first proper Imperial Phase. I'm hungry 4 more
  17. ADM


    I hate her!!

    (she’s so iconic referencing Michelle Williams. She’s like no other)
  18. Rob


    Blinding Lights says hi.
  19. WAP has been on heavy rotation for me since release and I'm not anywhere close to tired of it yet. I need to be drunk in public screaming "park that Big Mac truck right in this little garage" with my friends and tons of people, but I guess my kitchen will have to do. It just instantly lifts my mood whenever it comes on, Cardi and Megan both radiate such positive and fun energy which 100% comes through in the song.

    Genuinely happy they got this #1. It's making me a bit emotional to see how excited they are, it couldn't be more deserved. The way Megan is running 2020 is just so satisfying to see.
  20. Her praising Jesus for this #1, though. Whew! The theology that that has.
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