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Cardi B - "Up" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Cardi said during the press for WAP that she has a Ladies Night song with a bunch of female rappers on it. I'm sure Lizzo, Doja, and Meg will be there. I'd be shocked if she asked Nicki.
  2. That sounds [potentially] amazing.
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  3. Lmfao this video absolutely killed me. The Rugrats theme hahaha
  4. The true sequel to this classic

  5. Song of the century.

  6. A new high in streams and a return to #1 surpassing BTS, WAP might be the cure against COVID we were waiting for fellas
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  7. This is coming for a 3rd (and probably 4th and 5th) week at #1. If they get a VMA slot with a buzzy performance it'll never die. Drake found crying in a corner.
  8. If she has a follow up single ready to go in like 4/5 weeks then it’s over for the other girlies.
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  9. This is an unlikely contender for 'song you hear everywhere you go'. The world is wet.
  10. Jheeze Cardi is an absolute force! I’m happy for Megan too, she’s an incredible rapper. I think most of all, it’s good to see powerful women dominating the charts this year, it’s long overdue - Megan and Beyoncé, Lady GaGa and Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and now Cardi and Megan! So cool.
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  11. I can’t stop replaying this. She is coming for that #1 on my personal charts.
  12. I would quite like to see Megan spend the most time at #1 of all artists this year.
  13. I kinda love that the censored version of the chorus is “wet and gushy” because it somehow manages to sound more explicit.
  14. Agreed. Gushy is a far more pearl-clutching term than pussy, if you ask me.
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  15. Speaking of censored versions, I just heard the edit that BBC Radio 1 plays and I-

    Might as well just play the instrumental version.
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  16. Is it the "you're dealing with some wet wet wet" version?

  17. Yes hahaha

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  18. Goodnight, girl.
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  19. This is amazing. I love puritanical radio edits with all my heart and soul - throwback to the radio edit of If U Seek Amy that had the song title replaced with farty horn sounds
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