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Cardi B - "Up" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Ddddd congrats, sis! Here’s hoping she finishes the album pregnant like the debut.
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  2. She just came out with her bump performing with Migos at the BET Awards and the gasp and scream I just let out !!
  3. "Up" is still getting a lot of mileage with me so she can take her time. Happy for her!
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  4. Cardi comes in at the 3:43 mark:

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  5. Cardi was working like a machine to get Invasion of Privacy out when she was pregnant last time so here's hoping she's inspired enough to finally give us the next album.
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  6. ADM


    I don’t know if inspired is the word I’d give it, I’d say more told off and given a deadline.
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  7. I’m surprised Up did that well, actually. I grew to like it, but it isn’t instant. It’s in the wheelhouse of Savage, but Savage is way better. Did Savage have good callouts?

    Anyway, congrats to her!
  8. I mean you're not wrong but she had mentioned how she's waited so long because she really wanted the follow up to be perfect, I meant that I hope that she's found the inspiration to deliver the album she wants and not just because she's been given a deadline.
  9. They’ll miss the Grammy deadline if it’s not out by September, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do now she’s pregnant. She said the last time it was beyond stressful recording and promoting while pregnant and considering how paralysed with fear she seems to be about putting out a second album.. I wouldn’t be surprised if it drops in Q1 2022.
  10. I had no idea she'd said it was so stressful but apparently it's the plan again according to one of the directors for I Like It.

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  11. ADM


    I always found the whole ‘needed to get the videos shot before I showed’ thing so, like, wrong. So what if she had a bump!

    Then again maybe it was just to have a bank of them so she could take her maternity leave after..
  12. RMK


    Two number one singles in the bag and no album... If I were her label I'd be like, let's go.

    It's not just the bump, it's also getting far along in your pregnancy and not wanting to risk anything. The Little Mix girls aren't busting out choreo right now.
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  13. Yeah I doubt its about the bump, it’s the risk that Cardi hits the later months of her pregnancy then there is a risk to the baby if she’s keeps going and she’s put on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy, having videos in the bank allows a back up plan to that possibility.
  14. There were rumors she shot a bunch of stuff last year for the album, so I'm wondering if she just needs to finish the music aspect of it this time around.
  15. The way she didn't submit WAP to the Grammys last year because she said she didn't want to submit anything until the album was out, so she could submit everything together. If she misses the deadline this year...
  16. I think they'll just submit WAP and Up instead but they really missed a trick not submitting the former last year. Clearly they wanted her to sweep in 2022.
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  17. This will end up being one of those ‘better than the album cover’ shots won’t it?

  18. Would WAP still be eligible though?
  19. I feel like the album holdup is more about touring (or lack thereof) than a baby or nerves.
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